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Good Bye El!

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Im sick of el, even though i just got back. i would love to keep playing but i dont want me speaking up to haunt me for the rest of my EL Life so im leaving, as an out cast. Even as i was saying goodbye to friends on the newbie channel


You were warned by mod kit


hmm interesting anyway i might come back from time to time to say goodbye to friends i didnt get to say goodbye too. Also isnt it interesting when sides are drawn who is really your friend? *sigh* ok people i hope you enjoy your el lives and maybe ill see you as someone else in barren moon :P


Things ive always wanted to say:

Roja: Good Game, to bad about some of the players

Scarr/shivar/whatever the hell your called now: Get a grip of yourself

There isnt really anyone else i dislike o.o weird but here are some messages to other people


Kiri: see ya mate, maybe ill catch you around sometime

Kala: bye :) ill really miss you

ACE/TC/Old GDC clan: Bye guys have a good life

Black Complex: See ya man, glad you enjoyed the textures

Freeone: Cya dude, hope CO dosent smack you to bad for the raid

Anyone else who i forgot im sorry but ill miss you all


If any of you wanna contact me my e-mail is lod_lod@hotmail.com


And for the final time, this is the ranting man... Signing off....

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You are the weakest link, Goodbye.


(hehe I've always wanted to say that.)


Sorry for LV fighting with you. Hope you don't let one person's opinion let you quit, I regret doing that.

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