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Pk Contest Rules

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:blink::)PK Contests will be starting up again. :):ph34r:


However: These are the rules, if you do not want to abide by these rules then you will NOT be allowed to have a contest announced.


1) NO LIMITS!!! All participants are responsible for looking up all player stats themselves and knowing what they are getting into.


2) Summoning is allowed.


3) Spectators enter at your own risk, newbie or not. Read the warning in red when you enter a pk map. You most likely will die, we cannot protect you.


4) Anybody entering a pk map is responsible for their own items or loss of said items. Nothing is guaranteed for anybody, pk means you die and lose stuff. Do NOT go reporting this in abuse.


5) Mods/NH's are at liberty to refuse a contest if they do not find it appropriate.


6) IMPORTANT: If you are found to be holding contests for the sole purpose of looting and cheating, you WILL go on a blacklist and will be banned from holding any more contests. If you do not give the winner the promised prize, you also will go on the blacklist.


7) Player or moderator planned wars, however, can have different rules.

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