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Want to learn another language?

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hi Roja!

thats a well good web site to learn an other language! B)

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I just made a little basic manual about how to talk Spanish. I want to share it with you. I hope that you use it. You can donwload it from this url







dipi your link doesnt work =(

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Looks like PhraseBase has nothing for Japanese. So, for anyone who's interested in Japanese check out http://www.japanclass.org. It's not free, but only $25 per course. Teachers answer questions you have and they teach you more about grammar and how to make sentences rathar than just having you memorize phrases. Also, the links page has some nice links to other Japanese sites for basic things like phrases.


Their server has been down for more than a month. I don't think it's coming back >.<


If you just want a few words translated from Japanese to English or back, this site is the bomb! I use it more than I use my dictionary :P


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