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****Any posts and/or entire threads NOT adhering to these rules can and will be deleted.****


****These rules can and probably will continue to be updated and improved upon as time goes on and we see how this goes. Please make it a point to read them before posting.****



1. All initial posts (the post that starts the thread) MUST include valid proof such as a screenshot or unedited logs. Any accusation without proof will immediately be deleted. Repeat transgressions WILL be addressed.


2. As always, nonsense posts, spam, off-topic, "lol"'s and name-calling posts will be deleted.


3. PK-related complaints will be deleted unless the issue is about lying, luring, and/or scamming, and is the main issue, not the getting PK'd. Again proof IS required up front.


4. No flames. Only valid complaints maturely stated in one post will be tolerated.


5. All Eternal Land Forum rules still apply.


6. Any issues that involve breaking of the official game rules need to be posted either in the Abuse forum section or sent via a #abuse report ingame.


Do not post very long chat logs however! Cut non related stuff from chatlogs!


Scamming is not illegal, except of course password scamming. Scammers belong here.

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