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As Long as Eternity

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A roleplay, lost in the annals of Eternal Lands history, now returns to our world, retold by those who shaped its very story...


...Tumaros, Nardo, Aira, and Geelef...


...Members of the original HML, now's your chance to continue the famous adventure, wandering from the world of EL to distant, forsaken lands unknown to any...introducing a variety of cultures and creatures, as each character's mysterious history is slowly revealed...


For those who wish to join the roleplay, allow me to warn you now...this is for HARDCORE, DEVOTED ROLEPLAYERS ONLY! Spam will be ignored, and OOC should be kept to an extremely bare minimum.


With that being said...allow me to present the first chapter, of what I hope to be an even stronger, more intense roleplay than HML...


As Long as Eternity ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


A dark form appeared on the eastern horizon of Lakeside. As it drew nearer, into the bright glow of the moon, the black mass began to reveal itself as a ship, one the people of the Lands had never seen. Its sleek, intricate elegance, accompanied with the design of a large, golden leaf woven into the solitary sail proved the ship to be of elvish make, although this was nothing compared to the ships of the local Tirnwood elves.


The guards on post watched curiously as the ship drew nearer and nearer to the shores of Lakeside. They kept their weapons in check, figuring the ship was too quiet to be a pirated vessel. They continued to watch as the nimble ship drew up to the shore, making nary a sound save the calm splashing of the waves.


A brown-robed, hooded figure was spotted on the bow of the ship, gazing over the land they had just entered. Another figure, also robed and hooded, this one in a dull-golden attire, was making its way towards the starboard side. The way the brighter figure was carrying itself, the guards assumed it was a female. With a quick glance towards the darker form, they noticed in the moonlight long, flowing golden hair tucked inside the hood, as well as shadowed, pointed ears, proving their assumptions correct.


The female called softly to the other figure, apparently a male, in a tongue unfamiliar to the human guards. The male spun around slowly, and made his way over to the female, who was lowering a plank to the dock. The female then led the way down to the dock, the male following, lifted the plank, and watched as the ship began to sail away, and back off to the east.


One of the guards anxiously slid his weapon out of the sheath, but he was steadied by the other.


The two elvish companions on the dock looked over at the guards, who fell silent and watched, perfectly still. The female began to lift her hand, as if she was about to wave, but the male whispered warningly, and the female stopped.


The male spun around for a moment, retrieving something from his pack, and the guards took this moment to study the elves' weapons.


The female carried a long, beautiful, gem-tipped staff, appearing to be carved straight out of a tree, but glowing as if enchanted. The male, on the other hand, carried a bow, the longest the guards had ever seen, nearly as tall as the elf himself. His quiver seemed to glow with the same hue as his fellow's staff, also as if it was enchanted. The male elf also kept a sword, hidden entirely from the guards, a sword which he had used in many a battle prior to this date, a sword known to the people of his homeland as Ta'Tir, the blade of the elvish god.


The male finished and turned back to his companion, muttering something and indicating to the northwest. The female nodded, and with a quick smirk at the guards, the two elves took off in the direction of White Stone City.




The elves quietly strode down the streets of White Stone City, the area being surprisingly quiet this night. Everyone the elves passed stared, some in curiosity, some in wonder, some in fear.


The female turned to the male and asked, under her breath, "Why are they acting this way?"


The male shook his head and sighed. "The people of this region have a very limited tolerance. They smile at a familiar face, but they shun a newcomer, especially if a stranger attempts to converse."


The female frowned. "Well then, why don't you remove your hood? Doesn't everyone know about the great T..."


The male cut her short, his eyes wide. "It's been years since I walked these streets, sister. As soon as I joined that band of adventurers, my name as the owner of that tavern, the famous bartender people approached with their concerns, that part of me completely vanished." He stopped for a moment and looked around, re-oriented himself, and began to walk to the left, avoiding as many people as possible.


"Surely..." began the female, jogging to catch up to the male, "Surely there must be someone who remembers you?"


The elf stopped and looked up into the night sky at the waning moon. He lowered his hood and closed his eyes, his fair face bathed in moonlight. "Yes, my sister, there are some who remember me. Friends I have not seen in years, decades perhaps...I lost all sense of time once I returned home. But those friends..." he paused for a moment. "Those friends are long gone."


He lifted his hood again, making sure his face was completely obscured, and turned into a dark alleyway, making his way to a familiar wooden door.


The female looked down and kept silent. She knew there was nothing she could say to comfort her brother at this time...once his old companions were mentioned, conversations became akward, silences extended, and memories reborn.


"Well," said the male, once they approached the door. He read the sign above it out loud...


"Happy Spirits Tavern and Inn."


The male smiled. "At least the same old name's a welcome sight." He turned to his sister, indicated the door, and opened it up wide.


The male's eyes widened when, after he made a quick survey of the unchanged, bustling tavern, he noticed a figure, sitting in a long-forgotten seat in the far corner, staring directly at him.


"Hello, Tumaros."

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The smile widened while he spoke out the name. So the news was right. Quickly he got up and walked towards the two elves. "Nardo?" eventhough spoken out as a wisper he heard his name spoken in a familiar voice.


While he became closer to the couple he noticed the beautiful female accompaning his old friend. While he spoke gently to her "Please forgive me Madame for I have also just arrived and might smell of hasty travel" he faced again up to his old friend and took a good look before he held him a close hug.

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His lungs where feeling almost squashed but when he finally was released from the grip he could not help but smile. With his feet back on earth and head slightly spinning he noticed the shadowed features on the female. “No, no...this can not be†mumbled Nardo still out of breath slowly realising who she was. A warm smile now greeted him. “By the house of Lala, bless this day…it its you!†Slightly shaken he took both her hands and held them warmly while gazing in her immaculate face. Never again would he have thought to look into those great eyes. “Dear, dear…†She shook her head . â€How many nights..†“Sshhh Nardo, not in here.†He heard Tumaros say in his familiar cautious way. “Give me a few minutes to sort out a room with a bottle and a tub for us all, I am sure you have some feasting potions on you, it looks still a great place but already heard that the new landlord here stinks at his stews.†While Tumaros walked over to the bar. Nardo looked again at her for a moment lost for words, they both had matured since he remembered them, both even more beautiful and stronger then ever and sure of it that both wondered with joy what adventures were now afoot for the signs were clear…

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“Ha!†the landlord even gave us the same room as so many moons ago chuckled Tumaros when they entered. A quick glance in the lantern lit room was enough that time had almost stood still in here, the beds and other furniture even though crudely made were still clean, comfortable and welcoming.


When the bottle was uncorked and the mead was overflowing from the cups they all sat down. “I still cant believe it†mumbled Nardo while getting comfortable. â€When I woke up the next morning everybody and everything was gone. I have searched for weeks whenever it was safe all houses and catacombs in Yhr-fell, trying to leave spells, signs and notes wherever possible. But all crumbled to dust within seconds. No matter how I also tried, the gates to the outside world remained shut, until one day I found a forgotten travelling ring in the bottom of my bag. Unsure what the result would be within the magical realms of Yhr-fell I decided no matter what to use it.â€


He took another swig from the brew. “I landed completely drained of all energy somewhere in Morcraven, where I found later an abandoned hut in the northern region. It was a great place and decided to make it my home until back on full strength, secluded and in the vicinity all ingredients needed for my herbal teas and potions to improve my skills I spend my days entertaining lost travellers with music and our travelling tales and healing the ones attacked by the roaming wildlife and goblins hoping one day there would be some news... Which reminds me, soon we must go there for another old friend is awaiting you there. Still a bit grumpy for he his shedding again his skin.â€


Tumaros laughed. “Zabar…has he returned?â€. “Yep!†gleamed Nardo with a twinkle in his eye. “That’s another story I will tell you, but please…both of you, don’t keep me any longer guessing…I have smelled it in the air and sensed it for days, is it true? Is Ta’Tir really near?

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Tumaros laughed at Nardo's comment, one that he heard in the form of a question, directed at him, right before their adventure so many years ago.


"Yes," began the elf. "It is indeed near. Perhaps...more so than you think..."


Tumaros caught Nardo's excited gaze and stared right into his eyes, not moving a single muscle...the beginnings of a special technique the much-wiser elf picked up during his journeys in his homeland. Certain he had Nardo's full attention, he began to concentrate on a simple four-word phrase. Channeling all of his newly-acquired, mysterious powers into energy, he willed the words to appear in Nardo's mind.


Look to the belt...


With a final burst of thought, Tumaros returned his attention to Nardo, whose expression shifted from confusion, to fear, to partial understanding.


Tumaros watched as Nardo's eyes darted towards the elf's waist, where an outstretched hand calmly, but firmly, grasped the pommel of a large, elvish blade.


Nardo assumed this could be no other than the much-discussed blade of Ta'Tir. He clapped his hands together eagerly.


"So you have found it! Wonderful, wonderful...but...that thing...you just did..."


His eyes darted from elf to elf, wringing his hands helplessly, searching for the words he could use to explain his question.


Tumaros chuckled and leaned forward, subtly covering his blade with his cape.


"I suppose you're referring to the fact that I communicated with you telepathically?"


Nardo raised his eyebrows. Is this the same Tumaros I used to battle alongside? he found himself wondering in fear. He dismissed all notion of that...the other features...the very aura about the elf was enough to convince Nardo.


"It's too much to explain right now...besides, even if I told you, you would most assuredly not believe me," Tumaros whispered.


"No," he grunted, rising from his seat and directing his voice to Monore. "I think he just needs to see it for himself."


He turned back to Nardo. "Then you'll understand."

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From the other side of the Tavern a dwarf quietly listened as the Elves chatted. Although this dwarf was once a mighty warrior and hero, after one single great defeat the dwarf never returned to battle. He had lost all hope, lost all belief, lost everything, and finally had lost himself to the darkness that was inside his soul. No one had seen him for almost a year and this was the first time he had even entered a tavern. As he sat there he wondered if some chance had called him back to White Stone city to sit in this tavern and that this chance had wanted him to hear the Elf, but he just shook his head and continued to eat his meal. Then suddenly something caused him to remember his defeat.

*Smoke covers the screen :)*


*You see a mighty dwarven warrior standing there in the middle of a dark forest*


"Shadow come forth and fight me" comanded the dwarf.

" HAHA you don't understand that you have come right into my trap fool" laughed the Shadowy figure.

"Whatever trap you have set for me I'm ready?"


"You cant be ready for this, we now shall be ONE"

With this the shadow figure lauched forward and entering into the dwarves soul. The dwarf knew that with this creature now within him he must hide because if the creature ever wins over his soul to his biding then there would be no one to stop him.


*smoke fades away and the dwarf wakes up*


Thinking to himself, the dwarf asks "What have I done, I shouldnt be here, what if the shadow takes over now while I'm in the middle of this tavern, everyone in here would be slaughter" With this the dwarf jumped up and ran toward the door.



(havent type rped in forever so im still alittle rusty)

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Tumaros reacted so fast, even his sister was surprised. He jumped up, almost knocking Nardo completely aside, drew his bow and shot directly at the door, far enough ahead of the dwarf to knock him down in surprise, delaying his exit for now.


The tavern fell silent. Tumaros stared at everyone for a moment, and then his hand flew up to his forehead.


It took him a few moments to realize what just occured. He had no recollection of drawing his bow, and realized his hood had come off somehow.


Tumaros and his sister shared concerned glances, Nardo staring in pure, wide-eyed terror. Every moment, the elf he shared many a potion with grew more and more unfamiliar. Something had happened, Nardo figured, something that affected his friend in a way he did not care for...


Tumaros lowered his head in shame, and ignoring the fallen hood, strode directly over to the entrance, retrieved his arrow, returned it to his pack, and held out a hand to assist the fallen dwarf, his face expressionless.

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Taking the hand of the Elf the dwarf got up from his fall. As soon as he touched the Elf's hand he suddenly felt as if the shadow that had been haunting him all this time had weakened, but as he let go of the hand the power of the shadow returned to his soul. As he left the Tavern he looked at the Elf's face and something out his face made the dwarf say "Do I know you?" without even thinking. Suddenly the dwarf realized that something else had made him say that.

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While the three Elves and Eldwen all four quite astonished by Tumaros' action, at the other end of the city another Elf made his appeareance.


This was the fourth Elf wearing a robe, black this time, and a soft shadow followed his path to the gate of White Stone.


The guards were surprised when they saw the Elf move into their view only a few meters before the gate. Though this Elf had walked over the road the whole time, they had not noticed him, for the black robe perfectly blended in with the blackness of the woods, the skies and the sand surrounding the city.


This Elf also glanced up at the guards, and smiled at them. But this time the guards did draw their weapons, for the eyes of the Elf were shining brightly in the moonlight, emitting a bright blue, pulsating light, as if a blue heart was beating in his eyes.


"Who goes there?" one of the guards shouted down the walls.


The Elf stopped in his movement, freezing as if he was stabbed form behind. Then his shoulders relaxed, he removed his hood and sat down in the middle of the road.


The guards, totally surprised by this course of action, gazed down at the stranger, not knowing what to do. One of them got back to his senses, and shouted once more:


"Who goes there?"


The bright eyes looked at them again, but next to that, the men at the wall feared the fact they couldn't see the Elf's hands, or if he was carrying any weapons.


"Answer me!" the guard shouted down.


"I will not tell you my name."


The voice sounded strange, as if the Elf was standing right in front of them, but it sounded calm and friendly.


"I will ask you to let me pass though." the Elf continued. "You can check me if you want."


With these words, the Elf lightly got on his feet again. He said something to the dark behind him, and for a moment it seemed that a shadow moved deeper into the woods, swiftly moving out of sight."

Then the black Elf slowly walked to the front gate. He stood there, just below the guards, for a moment, his face screwed up in concentration, and the next moment he stood right before the perplexed guards.


It took a while for the good men to fully understand what had happened. Then one of them coughed, and said:

"Well, yeah... Erm.. We must ask you if you're carrying any weapons, and if so, report them, along with any magical influences to us, so we can decide if you can take the item into the city."

"So, basically, you want to take a look at my weapons and see if they're dangerous." the Elf replied. "Sure, here they are."


Swiftly he unsheated his sword, and offered it to one of the guards, the he also pulled out a dagger, offering it to the other.


The sword was without a doubt magical, it was glowing faintly with various colour, pointing out it was enchanted with a very powerful and complex spell.

The dagger on the other hand seemed normal, except for the runes carved into the polished blade.

After inspecting the two weapons for a moment, and asking a few standard questions to the Elf, the guards conlcuded the dagger was harmless enough to enter the city, but the sword had to stay under their supervision.


To the guards' relief, the Elf nodded, held out his hand for the dagger, and climbed down the ladder when he'd put it back in place again.

One guard took up the sword, walked to the tower to stash it away until retrieved and couldn't help but think what a wonderful sword it was. Perfectly balanced and a grip that seemed to form to his hands. He shook his head when he closed the door behind him, how could anyone leave a sword like that behind?

The guard didn't notice the swirl of green light in the tower behind him, taking the sword right back to its sheath.


The Elf smiled, the guards were still the same as they were that long ago.

"Now, here we go again..." he said softly to himself. "The last time I was here, this City led me to many unseen adventures... Maybe it'll do the same this time."


And as old memories of the City and all the adventures he'd lived to see slowly passed his mind, he strayed to the Inn were his heart lay - The Happy Spirits Tavern and Inn.



When the Elf stood in front of the Inn, he wondered what had become of Tumaros, the bartender of the tavern. Then, with a smile, he remembered the bartender's excellent brews, and was sure the new ones wouldn't be the same at all. No one could make'm like Tumaros once did.

He put his hood back on, made sure his clothes and weapons were covered by his robe - he didn't want to be recognized by anyone - and pushed open the door.


The Tavern looked the same to him. Because he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself, he walked straight to the bar, and asked the bartender - who, which the Elf saw with a sigh, wasn't Tumaros - if there were any rooms available, and if he could have something to drink.


When he'd gotten his drink, he walked to a table in the corner, sipping his ale once every so long, and started looking around. When his eye fell onto the table left to him, he couldn't believe his eyes. Was that really - was that really Tumaros and Nardo sitting there?! Along with Tumaros's sister? And who then was that dwarf? He didn't look familiar.


He took up his ale, emptied the mug and walked to the table next to his. When he arrived the whispered conversation fell silent, and four faces where looking at him.


"Can I join you?" the Elf asked simply.

"Wh-" Tumaros began. "Hey... Is that you?" he said. Then he stood up, and whispered to the Elf: "Geelef? Is it really you?" Geelef smiled, put down his hood and hugged his old friend. "You know it is."


On the other end of the table Nardo also stood up. "Long time no see, my old friend." When Geelef had also greeted Nardo and Tumaros's sister, he sat down, and friendly asked the Dwarf sitting opposite of him:

"Hi, I don't believe we've met yet. May I ask who you are?"

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(Jens, just shut the #$!@ up if you don't have anything good to say...)


Eldwen introduced himself to Geelef. After that, Nardo told Geelef about the blade of Ta'Tir and the conversation went back to Tumaros's strange shot once more.

But as Tumaros didn't seem to recall anything, or at least didn't want to talk about it yet, they all emptied their mugs and stood up to go to their room to get some sleep.

While Geelef was soflty cursing the new bartender for his bad skills, they went up the stairs.


Geelef removed his robe, revealing a light green shirt and dark green trousers, along with a pair of brown boots. On the back of his shirt, in a glimmering black, was his family's sign, a leaf, flanked by two twigs of an oak. Below that sign was another small sign, one of a kingdom long forgotten, long destroyed, in which he had served. But the Elf didn't like to think about that too much.


When he was pulling of his clothes, getting ready to sleep, Nardo suddenly remembered something.


"Hey Gee, where's Cath gone?" he asked.


"She's waiting outside the city, didn't want her to disturb the peace or anything." Geelef replied carelessly. "She'll be alright."


Nardo nodded understandingly. "A wise thing to do."


Eldwen looked from Nardo to Geelef and back again, then turned to Geelef and asked: "Who is this Cath? Is she some villain that you do not want her to enter the city?"


Nardo vaguely laughed at this question, and Geelef answered: "No, not at all. Catherina, or Cath as I mostly call her, is my pet."


"Your pet?" the dwarf said curiously.


"Yeah, she's a tiger." Geelef said. "She's really smart, I guess you'll meet her tomorrow. She doesn't hurt anybody without a reason, though she saved my life a couple of times."


"A - a tiger?" Eldwen slowly muttered. "Well, that's something I've never seen before..."


Geelef just smiled and lay down on his bed, falling into a deep sleep only seconds later.



Eldwen on the other hand couldn't catch sleep, he was thinking about how someone could ever get a tiger - a tiger to be his pet. And next to that was the strange blue light that emmitted from the Elf's eyes everytime the starlight fell on them. Not to mention Tumaros, who had shot him, but didn't realise he'd done it.


He sure met some strange people today.

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Just as Eldwen was about to fall asleep there came a loud pounding on the door. All four Elves and the Dwarf sprang up in alarm. Tumaros drew his arrow as Eldwen positioned his ax ready to slice down the intruder if he proved hostile.

Geelef jumped to the side of the door and with a look to the others threw it open, but when suspecting to see a complete stranger they saw an Elf that they had not seen for a long, long time. The Elf immediatly started talking but Tumaros stopped him.


"Calm down Matrixx what could possible be the matter. We won't be able to know what your saying if you go talking that fast anymore ,and look there is a Dwarf amonst us and he wont understand our Tounge so you must use the common tounge instead." ,stated Tumaros.


"I can't be calm Tumaros. A great Evil has befallen." ,shouted Matrixx.


"Wait, what do you mean a great Evil? Tell us what has happend Matrixx." ,replied Geelef quickly.


"I've been trying to tell you. The High Priestess of Aluwen has been brutally murdered!" , he exclaimed.


"WHAT!?!" , the others shouted in unison.


"How could this happen? Who would do such a thing to her?" , Nardo asked.


"All that I know is what I was told. And from what I can gather it was a shady Dwarf that did the killing. So I think that we need Eldwen's help to question all the Dwarves." , said Matrixx.


"That ... That is just horrible I..I.. just cant think of anyone who could do such an evil to a priestess. I mean she never did anything to harm anyone." , Eldwen said.


"Well I think we must start and we must start NOW to find out this murder. Because we cant allow anyone so cruel to do such a thing." , announced Geelef. "So who is with me? I'm sure it will mean fighting and battleing with things we haven't battled with for a long time , but this.....this is just somethign we are bound to do." So I ask again ,Who is with me?" , Geelef stated.


"I am." they stated. Though Nardo was the only one who saw the strange look that Matrixx had upon his face when he made the oath.


((excuse me also for being a bit rusty -_- ))

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(Okay, I was posting this before Matrixx posted above, so chronologically this comes before his post... :( )


(Oh, by the way guys...one of my best friends IRL...you may know him..."Jormane"...he should be credited for most of the stuff about my character, his history, etc...kinda hard to explain in a quick OOC comment, but he wants to RP with us...just wanted to let you know that both he and I have a really extensive backstory that we'll probably refer to often...it'll reveal over time, so if you're confused, don't worry. In life, everyone's confused. With that being said...)




No more than an hour later, after a quick scan of his fellows, Tumaros rose up quietly, confident that the others were sound asleep. His extra precautions for stealth were virtually useless...the elf wade through a river and remain as silent as the night air. He opened the door, taking one look back to make sure he left without any observation, and entered the hallway.


Tumaros looked left, spotting a familiar window at the end of the corridor. He made his way over to the dusty window, one pane violently shattered. (Tumaros held a finger out to tap the edge of the broken glass, but thought better of it looking at the bloodstains surrounding the area.)


The elf let out a mute groan and, spinning around, leaned back against the wall below the window. He allowed his body to slide down the length of it, hitting the floor with a soft thud, and closed his eyes, allowing the sounds of the night drift through the window and into his mind.


He found his thoughts flashing back to a date, a date which could have been anywhere between a week and a century prior...time never really was an issue with the elf. In fact, now with what he had gone through, and what he emerged as, time would no longer be an issue to Tumaros. To him, time was as long as eternity.


He remembered the day he and the others had discovered their fate...he remembered his juvenile greed and enthusiasm shifting to bitter reluctance, and ultimately grim acceptance. And now, with the loss of his companion...


The elf's already closed eyes scrunched, his face contorting into a grotesque grimace, as he remembered the day he and his sister were separated from their trusted companion...their powerful ally...their eternal friend...forever.


"Damn the drow..." Tumaros found himself whispering. "Damn them and all of their kind."


Tumaros's heart leaped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes wide, and his jaw dropped when he saw a familiar figure standing above him.


"You...you're alive..."


Tumaros jumped back in fear as a series of events took place...a drow flew in through the window, sprinkling the figure with glass...the glass took the form of a giant ogre, swinging its' club wildly...the figure formed into a devilish, demonic face...




Tumaros woke up from the nightmare moments later, his bed bathed in sweat, when he heard a knock at the door...




(Cue Matrixx's post, above)



(Oh, and if possible, could you guys hold off and not post for a bit? At least until Jormane posts...because he has an AWESOME idea that ties in perfectly at this exact moment...so if you guys could just refrain until he is activated as a member, that would be really really great :) ~Tuma)

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(Hey guys sry for the delay, this is it, i am open for criticism. :) )



The news that a priestess of Aluwen being brutally murdered spread fast not only to Matrixx but to another. As swift as a panther a dark figure drew near the city of Whitestone. As the figure approached the wall surrounding Whitestone, the dark figure quickly surveyed the enterance to the city. As he suspected it was swarming with guards. The stranger wearing a black cloak and a black pull over tunic was virtually invisible in the night. Hoping to avoid a confrontation the figure moved to the least guarded section of the wall, easily scaling it the figure landed easily on the other side.


After landing the stranger removed his titanium horned helmet. The moonlight revealed a tanned face with hazel eye’s, it was clearly a male human however there was some elven blood in his line for there was a slight point to his ears and his features weren’t so ruff. The dark figure immediately could discern where the murder had taken place for there was people running hysterically from the site.


As the man kneeled beside the bloody body of the priestess he futilely tried casting cure major wounds to reserve the body so she could possibly be resurrected. The man knew that it was a wasted effort for the girl is far beyond being able to be resurrected.


Nardo, Tumaros, Eldwin, Monore, Geelef, and Matrixx approached the figure kneeling over the mutilated figure of the priestess. “What are you doing over there!†Geelef shouted when he noticed the hand movements and the magical aurora emitting from the strangers hand.


Deep in concentration the figure didn’t notice the shout.


Geelef running towards the figure preparing to pummel him wasn’t as on guard as he should have been for the figure whirled around grabbing Geelef wrist flipping him over. The others drawing their weapons joined in the melee. With a lightning fast reaction the figure was on his feet with his softly glowing twin longswords in his hands.


Geelef who had quickly recovered from his fall made a faint thrust for the mans ribs. The man with a lightning fast reflexes easily slapped the blade away. Matrixx slowly moved in with Nardo right beside him. Nardo took a roundhouse swing for the mans head the man easily ducking under it, the man then rolled to the side avoiding a swing from Matrixx. Geelef then moved in with his glowing blade. With a mighty swing Geelef blade struck knocking the strangers blades out of his hands.


Quickly recovering and spinning around the man through off his cloak and drew a two handed sword that was strapped across his back. As the gigantic blade was drawn it was revealed that the sword was on fire. Tumaros froze. “I’ve only seen one blade like that in my whole life.........it couldn’t be............could it......!?!â€

Edited by Jormane L.

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As the Elves fought with the human, the dwarf named Eldwen noticed a sudden fog come from out of no where. Eldwen afraid that if he were to join the fight that the shadow may take over, he quickly ran toward the fog. Within the fog he hoped that he could wait out the fight and check on them in the morning. Suddenly someone tapped the him on his shoulder, without thinking he grabbed his axe from his holding and flug it around only to find another a man cloaked in purple robes.


"Who are you and why in the mess are you going to come up on me like this?" ask Eldwen with a hint of anger.


"If it wasnt for me that human would have added you to that fight and then this whole town would be in trouble" stated the worried man.


"Oh, if the shadow had consumed all that would have happened is that I might have killed a few people, but nothing to large." said Eldwen slighty confused.


"Yes, that is what you think, but something else would have happened if that shadow had consumed you that you know nothing of. What ever you do dont let the shadow consume you no matter what while you are with the Elves, for sure not Matrixx. That Elf is very knowledge able of the dark evils and he may kill you thinking you murdered the priestess. Be warned, but now I must return to where I came."



And with that the purple cloaked man vanished and the fog cleared as Eldwen saw the figures and noticed that the fight was over and it was safe for him to come out.



(this is my part while someone else finishes the other side up to this point)

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The man, his hands firmly holding his sword, looked at Tumaros, his eyes darting over to the others once in a while to make sure they didn't make to attack him.

But at Tumaros's words, everybody paused for a moment, wondering what he knew about this mysteriously fast figure.


The Elf lowered his hands, who had still been ready to deal out a quick blow, and looked back at the man, his mouth open, a surpised look in his eyes.

Mumbling that it couldn't be, Tumaros slowly signed the others that they also could lower their weapons. Reluctantly, they did, for even though they saw this stranger as a threat, they trusted Tumaros.

Tumaros's judgement proved to be right, the man followed their example and sheathed his fiery sword again.


Geelef stepped forward for a bit. "Well, since Tumaros thinks you wont hurt us, how about you tell us who you are, what you're here for, and what's so special about that blade of yours."


Tumaros slowly shook his head in disagreement, he clearly didn't think this was the right way to say 'hi' to someone of this importance.

Geelef saw this from the corner of his eye, but he chose to keep his slightly daring attitude, half because he didn't really like someone knocking him to the ground, and half because he'd like to keep some of his dignity.


The man seemed to like this, he smiled then said, "Let's wait for your small friend, the axwielder who didn't join your fight."


A bit surprised, Geelef looked over his shoulder, following the man's eyes. Indeed, Eldwen was walking towards them, as if he'd run away from the fight.

Still surprised Geelef turned back again, trying to see through this man, what was going on inside of him.


And all waited for Eldwen, who was still confused about what the purple prophet had said to him.

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(Sry about this guys I was writing this earlier and I didn't get a chance to post it. This takes place right after Geelefs post. :D:( )


As Eldwen approached the waiting group the stranger began to speak. "I see that your all here now. So I should probably explain to you who I am. I am Jormane Leranes King of the Outlane city and old comrade of Tumaros. The Fiery Blade you just saw was Dri'aton It is similar to that sword strapped around Tumaros's waist for it is of the same magic." With that said Jormane walked up to the speechless



"How did you escape from them?!?" Tumaros asked. "We thought you were dead."


"I could only wish I was after I was captured.......Let us save that story for later..." Jormane said with a pained expression.


Moving over to Monore and embrassing her Jormane just said "Its ok I'm back."


Geelef moved forward to introduce himself. "It is not needed Geelef I already know of you and of your brave exploits with Tumaros. As a matter of fact I know all of you. For Tumaros has bragged of you all greatly."


Geelef then turned to Eldwen. " Where were you when the fight broke out?"

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Ok to make things better I'm reposting mine after urs and ill delete the other*



Eldwen quickly tried to explain to them that he was only trying to keep from getting consumed by the shadow by avoiding the fight, but none of the Elves would believe him. Not even the human would. To make things worse Matrixx started saying things about him that made it seem as if he had killed the priestess. As he keep trying to explain it, he only got more angry. The dwarf was just on the verge of blowing his top when he suddenly realized that he was holding his axe in his hands ready to attack one of them. He told them he was sorry and didnt know how that had happened, but that made matters worse than they already were. Being the smart dwarf he was knew that if he didnt do something soon he would have to fight them and there was no way he wanted that to happen. With all the might he had Eldwen took off running for the gates of the city hoping that he could find a place to hide till he could find a way to control the shadow and let himself fight some. Throwing the guards out of his way with ease he headed toward Vally of the Dwarves where he could easily hide.

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"Stinking, bloody Dwarves." , said Matrixx.

"You never can trust them, and like I said I wouldn't doubt that HE was the one who killed the priestess. You saw how we pulled his ax on us." , he said.


"Noone asked you on your opinion of Dwarves Matrixx." , Nardo spat.


"Well sorry your highness if thats what you think you are." , mocked Matrixx.


"At least im not acting like a fool." , argued Nardo.


"YOU TWO THAT IS ENOUGH! There is no need in argueing I think something bad wrong has happend." , yelled Tumaros.


"Very well Tum im sorry Nardo that I yelled at you." , Matrixx apologized. Yet the look on his face could have told otherwise.


Nardo looked at him and apologized as well. "I too am sorry." , he said.


"There thats better. We have far worse things taking place than a feud." , Tumaros said.


They all looked at Jormane then to the body.

"Its no use she has long been dead. 'Nothing' can help 'her' now." , Matrixx said with a smirk that Tumaros noticed this time.


"Well... what do we do now?" sighed Geelef as all eyes looked toward the approaching crowd.

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"Well, I guess we've got two options." Jormane went on.

"Either we explain everything and risk getting kicked out of here because they don't believe us, or we get the hell out of here now and take the body with us, so nobody really knew what happened. Leaving the body behind is even worse, they'd be convinced we killed her."


Tumaros nodded. "I vote for running away. We might be able to catch up with Eldwen a bit later then, though I don't really trust him yet, I think there was some truth in his words."

Nardo, Jormane, Matrixx and Geelef nodded in agreement. Geelef cast a quick hovering spell over the body of the Priestess, then they all ran over to the gate, rounding the crowd, the flew by the guards and fled into the forest near the City. "To Tirnwood!" Tumaros said, panting slightly.

"Tirnwood?" Geelef said surprised.

"Yeah.. God, even I knew." Tumaros said with a smile. "Lately that's the new name for Treetown."

"Heck... Didn't know that." Geelef stated. "What was wrong with the good old Treetown?"

Tumaros didn't say anything, his smile went bigger, and he sped towards Tirnwood.

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The others followed him as fast as they could, Jordane and Matrixx staying right behind Tumaros, Nardo and Geelef staying behind a bit, they were carrying the Priestess's body with them.

It didn't take long for them to reach Tirnwood Vale, the ancient city of the Elves.

There they were welcomed by a inquisitive crowd, whhich wanted to know what happened to the Priestess. Not for a moment these Elves believed it could be true that anyone of the group could've killed her, no Elf would've have the guts to even think of such a horrible thing. And the fact that they carried a human in their midst only meant that this human could be trusted, should be treated as a friend.


The Eldest of the Elves stepped out of the crowd, beckoning the five friends to follow him. As they walked through the crowd, which left a path wide open for them, the Elder didn't say a word, or looked to anything but his feet. He seemed to be drowned in grief.


A few minutes later they entered one of the bigger tree-houses, as they are so common for Elves to build. Inside was only the most sober furniture.

For the first time, the Elder spoke, and his voice was as clear as the water running from a mountain spring, though a slight tone of great pain ran trough it, almost invisible, like a deep pool won't reveal the secrets at it's bottom.

The five words he uttered sounded so commanding they couldn't do else but obey.

"Let me take the body."


Geelef and Nardo nodded, and as the Elder cast a new spell with a small movement of his hand, the two let their spell fly into the night air, gone until cast again.

The Elder slowly moved the Priestess towards a stone tablet, just big enough for the body to rest on. On this altar he lay the killed Elf, and said a small prayer to Aluwen. Then he turned around to the adventurers who had brought him the body.


"I wish to thank you for bringing her here, I cannot say how much it means to me. You four should know, but you" - he looked at Jormane - "might not understand what a great gift you've given this Elf."

Jormane bowed his head. "Elder, believe me, I know." he said silently.

The Elder raised his eyebrow, but didn't ask anything about it."

"Ofcourse, you must forgive me for asking you this, for you've given more than we could ever dare to ask for, but I'd like to know the story of her death."

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Somberly the adventuers told of the Priestesses unfortunate death. Matrixx stayed in the back of the group saying little and having a slight smirk. Noone noticed for the grief of loosing the priestess weighed too heavily on there hearts.


After the elder seemed satistfied with the story he said a final prayer to Aluwen. Turning to the adventurers the Elder said "You all may stay here for as long as you want for your service has been great. You will be provided lodgings, food, and drink if you wish to stay."

Edited by Jormane L.

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