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I recent deceid help get going by level up





What need more 120k gc to create 4 guild each warlord.

so if pitch some money it would help lots.


why would better it would povide mod's with 4 guild to remove and accept players that are parcitipated in war events.


all I to do get them level 20 then just have my character create guild and tranfer ownership to each warlord.



idea of guild for war event was The_antiroot idea and I just get character up to level needed.


those did transaction with to me which go toward help have money for creation of guild

2k for 3 steel chain ,unknown

160 for 40 le's ,eternal_ct

10 dis ring 2k ,sunney_moon

254 beaver fur for 616 gc ,cmesej

2549 fire essence from , lawonda<--guild meber

10k gc for tit armour , lawonda<--guild meber

10k for 100 diss rings ,emon2<--guild meber


also note sometimes tend not know market price of stuff

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what is Jade ?

Jade is a hard green colored stone

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