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Hi guys!

If you were following the Need some help... thread, then you'll know what this one is about. In case you haven't, the short story is this: I'm writing a story for the storylines page on the abandoned shipyard in Grubani. Lacking inspiration, (and now my editor) i am in need of some help. I thought it would be fun and interesting to open up the final battle (and events preceding it) to roleplay here on the forums.


Synapsis of the story thus far (very quick and dirty):

Lord Keltom Whitestone (a vassel of the Vermors at this time) was instructed by his prophetic sister to send someone with special tallents to Grubani. Gier (an assassin also former King Vermor, mage student, and captain in the Vermor army) was given the assignment. Upon his visit to the peninsula he discovered an army forming under the direction of a former-friend-turned-rival-assasin Torsage Danbane. Torsage is an agent of Selain's and is hell bent on assuming control of seridia. Upon thier first landing on Seridia, Torsage coerced the explorers from the far continent (the Draegoni, gnomes, and orchans) into joining and supplying his amassing army. Gier and his meager army of just over twelve hundred (1200) are there to stop a war from beginning.


There are a some stipulations that i have:

1.) The character Gier Vermillion & Romas Lloghold are the only characters not to be assumed, Lasicue is the main character (not taking part in RP, and Romas is mine ;) )

2.) Since i am going to be making a story out of this some level of detail is needed in each addition. Just try not to make your posts TOO short or TOO long.

3.) If you are to assume a character other than one from the human/Elvan/Dwarven army (of which any position, unless already mentioned, is open), then you are on the opposing side. Many of those are slaves or conscripts.

4.)Your posts may be edited or outright taken from the thread if they do not follow the story line, but i'll work very hard to keep everything i can in. If your post is deleted or edited, i will move the original to another thread where another RP can be taken up that strays from my story.

5.) Once we finish, and I complete the story, I will include a list of those who participated in thanks of the work you’ve done to help.

6.) If you have any questions or concerns about your posts, please feel free to e-mail me at warwizard090@aol.com


That all being said, i'll begin. Hope you guys have fun!

[EDIT] Feel free to take it from here guys, ENJOY!




Romas Lloghold climed the small hill to join commander and assassin Gier, who was overlooking the plains of Grubani. He silently approached and stopped few strides behind Gier to admire the view as well. The occasional breeze rustled the long grass occasionally dotted with large granite rocks. Romas gave a thought to how many enemies could be hiding in the grasses and near the rocks. He dismissed it almost as quickly as it had come. The enemy was too confident in it’s size to worry about an sorts of raids.


He regarded the silent silhouette of Gier, standing firm and defiant against the dark peninsula—as if he were already at battle. Perhaps he was, only with his conscience. Only a fool would believe that twelve hundred (1200) men could destroy a legion of over two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000). Of course, they weren’t here to destroy the army, only to…discourage outright war.


Gier stirred slightly, his sword hand moving to the hilt of his sword. Strapped to his back, the hilt of the thing loomed over his shoulder. Romas recognized it almost immediately.


“If you’re carrying Masamune, that has to mean you’ve reclaimed the throne, right?†He could feel his tone rising with hope against his will. “Does that mean you’ll give the people of Whitestone freedom, for our help here?â€


Gier turned to him, his piercing gaze penetrating to Romas’ soul. “I wear the family sword, but not the family name. No, I haven’t retaken the throne, only this heirloom for a time.†He seemed to think for a moment, “However, let your troops believe what they want about it. Sometimes false hope is better than no hope. They’ll fight all the better for it.â€


Romas nodded, once again assessing Gier. “You look like a dead man walking, care to tell your second in command what’s on your mind?â€


“Dead man walking,†Gier chuckled a bit. “It would seem that way, huh? Against these odds… All the same, tomorrow we’ll begin. At day break start trickling the troups through their sentries, into their camp. Three divisions of four hundred, have each troop leader then subdivide. Once in, have them gather information. I want troop numbers and break downs, weapon count, monster count, and how many ships they have. I also want to know where their commanders are. Tomorrow night have your leaders meet me on this hill, and we’ll talk.â€


Romas bowed, “You’ll have it.†He then hesitated. “Wh…what about you?â€


Gier then cracked a smile that chilled Romas to his very bones. The grin really did make him look undead under the moon light. “Tonight I go in search for the reason we’re here. I’m going to find Torsage Danbane.â€

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The small group of gnomes huddled round the dying fire. Forced from their homes at sword-point, they were miserable and cold. As he walked past, one of the orchan officers cuffed the smallest gnome around the back of the head, forcing him to fall facedown on the ground. The orchan officer laughed harshly and walked on, looking for another unfortunate victim.

The gnome waited until the officer was far enough away before levering himself back up off the ground, brushing the dirt from his tattered jacket.

"One of these days, I swear, by all that we hold sacred, I am going to kill those," he paused trying to find an epithet evil enough to express his thoughts, and one of the other gnomes piped up

"Hush Uvolli! You want him to come back? We stand no chance against them, they're stronger and bigger than we are."

Uvolli turned towards the speaker, "Vurasa, what does it matter now? We either die at their hands tonight, or at the battle tomorrow. We are the front line of this battle, here simply to soak up the attacks of their enemies so that the orchans and the rest of their ilk can fight at leisure with minimal chance of dying. I for one would rather die now, than fighting for a cause that I do not believe in."

"Oh, Uvolli, don't talk that way. We may not die yet." Vurasa moved next to Uvolli and put her arm round his shoulder. "We are all still here and alive. While we live, there is yet hope."

Uvolli looked into Vurasa's eyes "You always were the eternal optimist my dearest one, however, I fear that our luck and hopes run out tonight. I cannot see anyway out that does not involve our deaths"

Nearby in the late evening shadow, Ailteos listened and waited for an opportune moment to join the gnomes. The draconi was as disillusioned as the gnomes, having been taken from his family during a raid on their village. Forced to watch his mother and younger siblings die at the hands of the soldiers for, in the words that were burned into his memory "they're of no use to us. Get what you want, then kill themâ€. He relived the moment over and over in his mind, his soul screaming for revenge.

Ailteos had spent the entire journey watching and listening to his captors, learning their ways and patterns. Once he was sure of how they behaved, he started to formulate a plan to get his revenge.

Now, listening to the gnome Uvolli raging against the officers, he wondered if he had found an ally in the final hours. Such a person would be useful to him, even if only to act as a decoy. He sat quietly, waiting for the best moment to step out of the shadows and gain the support of the angry young gnome.


Quinticus, not sure if this is the type of thing you're looking for, however, feel free to use or ignore as you wish. If you want more from this storyline, let me know. Enlia.

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That's the perfect thing i was looking for, it's great! Anything like such would be very helpful from anyone. Or just interject with your characters at any time. Though, please make sure it's a throw away character (if it has a short life span) as this occurs in the past.


Thanks so much enlia for your participation! keep it up!



The next morning Romas began left instructions with his three division leaders and started the tickle of soldiers into the enemy camp. Most of their soldiers would stay in the camp for two days then return. However, the division leaders and their immediate subordinates were to return to the meeting place to give reports this night to Gier.


His instructions were not only to gather information, but also to kill any who got in his way. At first he was concerned because killing those that got in his way meant killing in broad daylight in front of others. It wasn't until he actually made it into the camp that he realized that the level of control over the soldiers was extremely lax. Killing happened all the time because of fueds and disputes over gambling. Once again the arrogance of the enemy and it's confidence in numbers was rearing it's ugly head.


However, he found out the hard way that even though it was commonly done, it rarely entailed just the killer and the victim. He had killed an ywarstav troop leader earlier in the morning only to spend the next hour evading the leader's subordinates. There was at least some loyalty, if only in smaller groups.


The disorderly camp was spread over the whol of the southern half of Grubani and part of the northern. Gier had taken care of the Illusion shield spell last night. When he saw the camp and it's numbers, he was at a loss for words and breath.


He'd been walking most of the morning watching and gathering estimates on troop count, and now he was making his way to the smithing yards. He wanted a count on thier production of arms and defenses. The Smithing Quarter was south west of the shipyard, and closely guarded. Romas supposed Danbane didn't want anyone to know what kinds of weapons he was producing. That situation was going to be remedied, Gier had ordered him to see it so.


Romas wondered back north from the walls of ywarstav, heading for the Smithing Quarter. He ambled near a small huddle of gnomes. He'd noticed that many of the offworlders had a defeated look on their faces. These gnomes, however, did not. Mistaking him for an important officer in thier capturer's camp, they glared at him.


"If looks could kill...," he muttered under his breath, just before he was stopped short by an orchan guard. It was hardly a stones throw to the picket fence of his destination. He was disconcerted to be brought short this close. He growled at the orchan guard, "Best be out of my way, ruffian." His hand slid to the pommel of the sword at his hip. The orchan didn't back down from his challenging stare.


"No admitance!" it grunted, leaning forward. Its fetid breath accosted Romas' nostrils. He made as to leave and the orchan grabbed his arm, bring him to a lurching stop. With a deft move Romas brought his sword from the scabbard, severing the hand that siezed him. He spun around, avoiding the orchans other arm. He drew a hidden daggar plunged, it into the beast and then followed by severing it's head.


As the scuffle ended he glanced about to see who had noticed. To his alarm he found the fallen leader's squad on it's feet and a murderous glare in every pair of eyes.


"Not again," he whined as he looked for an escape.

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if this isnt what your looking for just tell me my 3rd person is a little rusty and i was just going on a wild wimf this morning and though i would join in =D




Watching from across the morning's camp fire 2 human females watched the tensions build. It would be best if they didn’t get caught up in a scrimmage between power hungry enemies. They had a job to do.


"Aye these pots are dirty… Lisirra," Lisassa pulled at the other female's sleeve. "E'lp me carry them down to the water to wash 'em."


"O…" Lisirra's eyes were cold and focused on the battle rising before them.


"Lisi... there's nothing we can do…" Lisassa hissed in her ear shoving a pot roughly into her partner's stomach and grabbing up the other two remaining pots at this fire while hauling Lisirra behind her towards thee docks.


They had worked hard to look plain, to blend in. Helping that fool back there would ruin it all they only had one more night here and they still haven’t gotten asses to the docks to count the fleet. Hopefully they would allow peasants to wash there dishes from the docks or the shore near them.


Keeping there heads hung low they started across the short clearing between the docks and the camp Lisassa in the lead. Meekly backing up and all but falling to her knees when crossing the path of a orchan warrior, making sure not to make eye contact. As they stepped on to the wood planks making up the dock a orc blocked there path.


"What business brings filth like you here?" He didn’t even give them a second glance his eyes where focused on something going on behind them.


"We were told to wash the morning p.. pots…" Lisassa stuttered.


"If you would rather us not then we could just go back and tell owe master you refused!" Lisirra stated and spun on her heal heading back towards the camp fire.


Moving aside the orca didn’t even give a second glance or farther acknowledgment to the two females. They hurried down the planks there bare feet slapping the wood softly. Signaling Lisirra's to slip between to of the docks boats they unloaded there dirty pots hastily rinsing them out.


"Lisi you count the ones on the right hand docks I will take the ones on the left.. mark which carry food supplies and which weapons and armor or slaves.


They silently moved across the boats totaling up there numbers. Six small swift fighting boats that could hold a 50 man crew a piece, three large slave boats mostly empty one of them was badly shredded in the haul so they had few draconi among there ranks, only 4 boats remained that they couldn’t access so they were assumed food previsions and armor or weapons.


Grabbing up the pots they hurried back across the dock gibbering loudly to each other about how awful it was to get cooked on glop out of these pots, once again the guard ignored them completely they hurry back across the clearing the headed for the closed camp fire dumping there pots.


Now for the hard part.. those slave ships could have hauled in at least 250 slaves with a 100 man crew they would need to scout and guestamate the amount of bodies there that were loyal or who would run when the battle started.

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It's great emby. thanks for the contribution. Somethings come up with the family business (parents divorce, may lose business), so i'm working a lot IRL. BUT i haven't forgot about this and i'll edit this post later with a continuation. Thanks so much for all your work guys!

[EDIT] Ember, just a little side note. There is only one shipyard in grubani. Even then it has no docks for boats. Olimonar (sp) has docks, but limited space. This should be easy to change to fit the map from the game. Nothing big, change as you see fit...OR there can be docks, but i can write their destruction into the story.

just let me know.

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It's great emby. thanks for the contribution. Somethings come up with the family business (parents divorce, may lose business), so i'm working a lot IRL. BUT i haven't forgot about this and i'll edit this post later with a continuation. Thanks so much for all your work guys!

[EDIT] Ember, just a little side note. There is only one shipyard in grubani. Even then it has no docks for boats. Olimonar (sp) has docks, but limited space. This should be easy to change to fit the map from the game. Nothing big, change as you see fit...OR there can be docks, but i can write their destruction into the story.

just let me know.

Destroy them!!! Mwhahaha lol which ever you want i havent spent much time on grum just a few walk threws mostly from white stone to naralik I can edit it how ever you like , your the creative insperation behind this story.


I hope things get better for you hun and no worrys this topic will remain intack and i will do my best to keep it un spammie >>realizes she just spammed<<


forgive me? ((if you want i can move these posts at a later date))

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Hi guys sorry its taken so long. Many things have gone awry in the past week and a half. i just replied in order to bring this to the top of the forum. Perhaps you could make it a sticky for the time being ember? i'll be working on this much more this week. Next week i'll be out of town so not much work will be done tuesday through friday. I'm hoping to have it completed soon. But that all depends on the level of activity. Hopefully it picks up. Oh and forgive for the "spam". It was necessary.


Romas crested the hill with his little visitor. Below him he could make out a fire with several figures huddled closely more for the light than the warmth. It was ungodly hot at this hour of the night, another sign that summer had come into full swing, which was a good thing. Disease was running rampant in the enemy's camp along with troubles with insurrection.


As he and the visitor approached the meeting place, Romas caughted snips of the conversation at hand on the gossamer wings of a warm night breeze. It was on the inefficiency of the enemy's ability to summon. He took a gander at the people occupying the space around the fire. The other leaders from the other two divisions, Lisirra and Lisassa (i hope this is OK ember that i put them in such a high rank) were to only two faces he could make out from the fire light. Another figure, that had his back to Romas, he could tell was Gier. There also were a few subordinate officers present.


"Who's your friend?" Gier questioned before Romas had even made it into the firelight. "I do not recall giving the order for any rescue attempts."


Romas had anticipated the reprimand and was prepared for it. "Though we Myrmidons live to serve, i figured you could use some good news." By this time Romas had entered into the circle of light, approached the fire and faced Gier.


Gier nodded and looked to the other division commanders. "Good news is in short supplies these days. What news have you?" Romas nudged his little friend, a gnome, forward.


He bowed, drew a deep breath and began, "My name is Guvuti, i have to come to let you know that you have support in the camp. The insurrection has begun" Gier cocked an eyebrow at this news and looked to Romas skeptically then back at the gnome.


"I've known this for many months. Slaves often rebel against thier masters, that doesn't mean anything to me. Not with an army of this kind of scale." He rideculed the gnome.


"Yes, smaller insurections happen all the time. But a bigger one is coming, many races are getting together. We can and will help you when the time comes. Oppressed we have been and harbor hate we do." The gnome reached for something in his little tunic. As he did, every sword arround the fire clear it's scabbard. The night air filled with the sound of ringing metal. Cautiously Guvuti took out a small rocket and tossed it to Giers feet. "Fire this flare when the time is right and i'll arrange the rest. A few of the ones i know are near the top in the command chain. In order to make any changes effective most of the command structure will have to topple." With that said Guvuti suddenly seemed worried.


"Finish it," Romas prompted. Gier once again looked skeptically from the gnome to Romas.


"The one who leads this army," the little gnome began. "he has great power and is guarded by many. First you must make it past the infantry, after that you must face the Dreagoni and thier summoned abominations. Then you must engage the Orchan high guard. These creatures are brutish and cruel in thier tactics." Once again Guvuti looked uncertain but then continued. "Even if you manage these tiers of resistance and danger you must kill Torsage. Many believe him to be immortal for he has the god's favor. He bears it from his neck for all to see. I believe if this is removed, you have taken his power thus expose his life. Good luck to you."


With that the gnome took off into the darkness without warning. The sudden depart startled the crowd. Only Romas and Gier seemed to be unaffected.


"What are we going to do about Torsage?" Romas questioned as he watched Dantin Dragarton come running into the circle.


"We have trouble," She announced as she spun around and readied her ornate lance. No sooner had the words left her mouth than a volley of arrows sliced through the night landing among them around the fire.


"Shields!" Romas howled as hefted his own against the airborn assault. A battle cry split the night as man and monster flooded the little camp. With that the arrows ceased and hand to hand combat began. Romas only had time to catch a glance of Gier yanking an arrow from his shoulder before he was caught up in his dance with death. It didn't take long for him to realize they were going to need help.

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Sorry Quin ;) I am just bad at the whole longer then 5 lines with out some live feed back part.. i will unpin this I hope things are geting better for you

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thanks, i don't blame you...i think i was asking too much. This story is something only for me to do. Thanks though for helping out. I would like to use your guy's characters in the story as a thanks, if you wouldn't mind. If not there are endless possibilities for names.


Thanks again

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Quinticus, add my apologies to Ember's..... I wish I could have done some more for you.


Please feel free to use any of my stuff if it's of any use to you at all.

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there all yours and if you need any help or get writers block pm me some of it and i will try to give you a few lines to melt you back into it

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