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Found 2 results

  1. hello can i get my old account SarcaTus unbanned plz ? i want to come back to Eternal Lands , when i played i only got 12 years old now im older , i know i got banned , but can i get the account back ? now im 26 and want to go back to my first MMORPG who i love to play , im coming with 5 friend of me to they start play and i want go back , but i want go back to game on my main account ! can i get it unbanned ? plz ? now i understand "RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED" ! Thank you and have a nice day ^^
  2. if possible to unban

    Hey there, im the player of DeathKnight which i havent log on for long.I have shared my account info with 1 or 2 person after i quit (not quite sure if 1 or 2 ^^).Anyway me and my friend Donqwed deicide to play EL again, but both our char's are banned.I dunno the reason of why my character get banned but if its forgiveable im going to ask ur forgiveness.Also my friend Donqwed(his english is even worst than mine thats why im posting for him as well) asking for unbann to his char if possible as well.peace