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Found 5 results

  1. sound_warnings.txt

    Hello I have EL 1.9.8 (from ppa) on my Linux Mint Mate 19.3. All is ok, sound + maps installed. The sound is working great. But when I try to type "This is a test message" nothing happen. I tried to change the sound_warnings.txt file from default to alert4 = You stopped. Didn't work. I asked ig but it seems the file are at the right place (el folder). Any hint ? Thanks
  2. If you are using the Linux installer from the official downloads page with sound or music enabled, you will experience a client crash when you open a web page using F2 or the URL window. This DOES NOT EFFECT the windows and mac clients, it DOES NOT EFFECT the Linux packages Burn produces for SUSE or the packages I produce for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint, it DOES NOT EFFECT builds you might do from source. I have now done a new client build that has a work-around for the problem. AFAIK, it is not a client bug, but rather an incomparability between the version of pulse audio used for build and the version of pulse audio on most distros. The work around turns off sound before opening the web page, turning it back on immediately afterwards. This will obviously cause playing sounds to stop, but they will start again almost immediately. Music will stop but restart from the beginning of the track. Hopefully, this will not be too inconvenient. The new installer can be downloaded here. You can just unpack it over the last version. These are links to download just the client for 32-bit and 64-bit. If you download just the client then make sure you copy it into the install directory and make the file executable using "chmod +x <file>".
  3. It does not seem to matter what I put in the box for the sound device or if I leave it blank. I get one of these two messages. [23:00:49, sound.c:4280] Error: alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR [23:01:01, sound.c:4258] Warning: ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT not found. Retrieving list of sound devices may fail. Name : openal-soft Arch : x86_64 Version : 1.16.0 Release : 4.fc21 I have alsa, pulseaudio and gstreamer installed. There is no "alsa" command (it has something after "alsa") and there is no /dev/snd/dsp or /dev/snd/*/dsp. Anyone else having problems or know how I could get this working?
  4. Since I like to catch up on email, websites, etc. while harvesting, and generally like to have audible warnings for numerous events if I'm in game but Away From But Near To Keyboard, or get distracted by doing jigsaw, I have a great number of client alerts defined, up to 26 sounds, now. However, I can't seem to get _all_ of them to work, only about the first 15, so my question is: is there a numerical limit to how many sounds can be defined, or do i have to look for some other obscure error I have made?
  5. sometimes for a while, on EL only , the CPU on my machine goes to 100% and the sound gets very distorted. After a while, it goes away. Anyone have any ideas?