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Found 4 results

  1. PVP fleeing changed?

    Ok, So me and my bud had a try to go for some pvp training sessions but it seems that fleeing is almost impossible without both of us being present at the time and hitting the home button or flee. Did some changes occur to the game that made sure both of u needs to press home button to be able to flee at all?
  2. Greeting fighters! I'm looking for PvP partner, who want to be pr0 tank (like I want to be). I prefer partners, who have a lot of Instinct and without any Reasoning (or can remove Reasoning if have). Skeptic perk is also nice thing to have for have training more predictable. This is long-term project, I can buy GuildMap with Guard Bot even for this project if I will find good partner(s). Right now I'm 134/138 a/d, but I can apply people from 120 to 150 a/d, but it can depends on details. My attributes at this moment are: p/c/r/w/i/v 48/48/4/4/16/24. I also have Evanescence perk. Wondering why I don't like Reasoning or don't have any ideas what is PvP? Keep reading. Have some questions or comments? Feel free to PM me in game for discussion or post a comment (and PM me in game for I read it). Here is some information about PvP: Q: What is PvP? A: PvP is fight mode when two players fight to each other for get Attack and Defense experience. It's NOT for killing players, it's just training fight - you flee after (or before in advance) you will get first 15 hits (otherwise you will not get more experience) and re-engage to combat again. Q: What kind of PvP exists? A: There are PvP for Attack experience and PvP for Defense experience: 1. For Attack people have a lot of Reasoning and use bones for successful hits each other. They getting a lot of (or mostly) attack experience and don't hurts each other a lot. 2. For Defense people don't use weapons at all, use Shields and Unicorn Medallion (for get defense bonus). They hit each other very rare and make just few damage. So they use very few Healing stuff. I'm looking for partner for PvP for Defense. Q: What attributes are good and bad for PvP? A: Here I will answer about PvP for Defense only. Physique and Coordination is mandatory for doing instances, because of Bag (EMU). They both a bit bad for PvP 1. Coordination gives you reactions for avoid hits, it's good for you, but also gives you dexterity - it's bad for your partner. 2. Physique is good for you (because of HP and toughness), but bad for partner (you make him more damage). So in this case It's not a problem for me, full Physique and Coordinations are welcome. 3. Reasoning is definetely bad for PvP for defense, because you dodge hits more rare = less def experience, and partner have to use more resources for heal. 4. Will - more or less neutral attribute, so it's ok to have it, but if you don't actually need it - you can shift it for more important instinct. 5. Instinct - this is essential attribute for PvP for Defense. It can help you to dodge hits = more often experience and rare healing. 6. Vitality - a bit more useful than Will, but still not very useful. It's just help you to reduce amount of damage you get - but better to buy instinct for you don't need to reduce amount of damage often. PS. Don't forget about Will and Vitality give you Mana points, which is important for your main tank activity - Tanking. So keep it balanced. Q: What afterwards of long time PvPing? A: Pros: 1. You getting a lot of defense experience. With one partner I was able to get up to 8-9k pure def exp per minute. 2. Your defense leveling going very fast and it's very good for tank. 3. Actually, you getting much more experience per minute if you PvPing rather tran training monsters and healing much less. Your overall leveling will going faster. 4. You can become something like 130/150 a/d and still be able to go to 120-140 and will be welcome tank. Cons: 1. Your attack leveling going very slow. But you don't need it if you are tank. Anyway, if you will do dailies, invances, regular monster training while your partner offline or busy - you will get attack experience too. 2. You will not get drops (like you would get if you would prefer monsters farming (but you will get much more experience and monsters spots can be occupied, especially on Day of Sun-Tzu). Q: Does Skeptic Perk good or bad for PvP? A: It's definetely good to have Skeptic Perk for PvP: 1. If you have green attack astro - it's bad for your partner. 2. If you have red attack astro - it's good for your partner. 3. If you have green defense astro - it's good for you. 4. If you have red defense astro - it's bad for you. 5. Astro doesn't affect on experience points, you getting. 6. If you have time, but bad astro for pvp - you can't do it, or it will be a nightmare. Q: Does Evanescence perk is good for PvP? A: Yes, it's definetely good to have, it's give you 10% chance to dodge critical hit and get experience. Q: Does Mirror Perks good or bad for PvP? A: It depends: 1. If you are same about your partner a/d, it's will not affect your training often 2. If someone has higher a/d and mirror perk - it's also doesn't affect on PvP much. 3. If someone lower a/d and has mirror perk - it's bad for his partner. PS. On tanking castellan Mirror Perk can help you to spawn Giants on your head and usually it costs a rosto to players. Have more Questions this FAQ doesn't cover? Feel free to ask, I'll add most interesting
  3. Tokie seeks PvP Partner

    I'm looking for an everyday player in a Mutual Guild, who wants to PvP, needs to be in the 115-115 A/D area. Player needs to be well known, not an Alt, and willing to go the distance at least 4 days a week, 8 + hours a day to grind out the levels to raise my, (our) A/D as quickly as possible . If you are not a GM, your GM will have to vouch for your good standing if I don't know you well enough. Please PM me in Game so we can make something happen . With all due respect, Tokie
  4. To all concerned with Eternal Lands ; I think if we could have Arena's that are both capped and access denied to those above the cap, it is my opinion that they would be not only used more often, but by a greater number of players, even those who consider themselves Mixers and Harvesters. I will offer up the suggestion that we individuals who are concerned about the game and the number of players could "Sponsor an Arena" with an annual cash donation of say $50.00 a year,to be paid via Pay-Pal. If a Guild,( or Individual Player ) wishes to sponsor an Arena and can not get a Pay-Pal account, they could always get ahold of me, and I would set it in motion for them for a gc swap if Radu would allow it, providing I get enough notice so I can transfer funds from the Main Credit Union account to the other Bank account to do so. I make this suggestion in hopes to bring PvP to the forefront in an attempt to bring more players to the game, and thus more money to the EL Shop so as to assist the Developers in their endeavors of making Eternal Lands a more user friendly game to new players, which in turn, will keep players coming back. Because if you can learn in PvP the skills needed to PK, then PK will make a roaring come-back and the game, (ImO) will explode with even more players seeking adventure and comradeship in Guilds. Let me be the first to say that I, ( Mr. T.C. Cross / aka: Tokie in Game ) will be the first to offer a $50.00 Pay Pal Donation in the name of the Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild to obtain the 1st Capping and Denied Access to the Desert Pines 40 and under Arena, as soon as it is implemented in game. No, I do not have a 40 and under Character. No, I do no't plan to make another Character, even though StTokie was made to contact Game Mod's when I had sign in troubles with Tokie, I will refrain from ever using it for anything but contacting Game Mods should the need ever arise. In short, I am not doing this for me, I am offering to do this for you, the Eternal Lands Community, it's new players, and the Game Developers themselves, to show how much I truly care for this game and 80% of the current players. The other 20% of you know what I think about you, so I'll leave it at that. With all due respect, Tokie