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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Elers Planning to make a PK event --- As the topic reveals you have to save your captain from death -- ( pk central deaths only ) > Kf event - join at your own risk and will > There will be 2 teams -- > Each team will have a Captain --- appreciated if 2 high lvl players volunteer > The objective is to kill the team Captain ( pk central message) 5 times > Team will be picked by the captains simultaneously and first pick will be decided by a coin toss > The team that kill the Captain ( 5 kills) earlier wins ALL weapons allowed except brod --- not good for event - best to carry cotu or mage pants tho Ranging allowed Summon allowed - tigers and bears only -- unless team captains - mufossa / bankay ------ all summon allowed Bombs allowed Magic allowed Captain can diss but cant tele or use ring . He cannot restock. He can ask his team member to stock him in kf tho. Once the captain dies he has 2 min countdown to return to kf if failed then the other team get +1 to their kill . Will request an available mod on that time to spare some time here for blue spam and supervision Entry fee is 10k gold coins each and winner team takes all the gold Prize added 100kgc from cherut 4 efe from vio xd Event time :- Sunday 28th Sept 9.30 pm IST plz come votd 30 mins before http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=30,0,2643743&h=30&date=2014-9-28&sln=21.5-22 Start posting here if u wanna join and if we have a good response we will go ahead with the event