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Found 1 result

  1. There are some areas in Eternal Lands where people gather, not so much to interact with eachother, but to interact with the environment of those places. The most frequented of those places are the Storage rooms and the popular harvesting spots.These interactions require a line of visibility from the player camera to the environmental spot they wish to interact with. And it's possible to block that line of visibility with a player avatar/creature by standing in the line of sight. There is nothing we as players can do about creatures standing in our line of sight, except kill them or move our view. However, as players, we can minimize accidentally annoying other players by making a little effort to not block their view, as it is. The first and simplest measure is: always sit down in storage, if you're going to be longer than a few seconds in and out, or while harvesting. The second one is: If you're going to be mixing in storage, choose a place to sit away from the direction of approach, e.g. sit behind Grimm in DP, sit west of Judith in MM, etc. That way people coming for a drop off/pick up can easily get in range of the storage clerk, without having to hunt for a free spot near enough to actually interact. Just my 2ยข.