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Found 5 results

  1. Unban request

    Greetings. My main char Brabador was banned for afk training at archer arena 6 jan 2019. Can any mod say, this ban permanent? If not, please unban me, 5 months w/o EL enough punishment.
  2. Unban request

    Hi, Could you unban my character. I was banned few years ago. Now I can not even remember why.
  3. hello can i get my old account SarcaTus unbanned plz ? i want to come back to Eternal Lands , when i played i only got 12 years old now im older , i know i got banned , but can i get the account back ? now im 26 and want to go back to my first MMORPG who i love to play , im coming with 5 friend of me to they start play and i want go back , but i want go back to game on my main account ! can i get it unbanned ? plz ? now i understand "RULES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED" ! Thank you and have a nice day ^^
  4. if u give a second chance

    hi,this is donqwed i been banned some time ago and i took my lesson from it.From now on i wanna play friendly and safely if u guys give me a second chance for it and unban my account donqwed,waiting for answer ,ty
  5. UN-Ban Request - Knightly

    Hey there, I've been asked by Maxine to post in "Help" because my banned account (Knightly) could no longer make posts. I've been playing on an account called Warrior4Eva for quite a bit of time now. This account was created at quite a later date to when my main account was banned, Knightly. Knightly was banned in September 2008, which is quite a considerable amount of time from the present. I have of course matured during these near 4 years, and have made no offences on Warrior4Eva, ever. I believe I should be unbanned because I do enjoy the game, I think I can make a contribution to it and of course I have greatly matured over 4 years and do know what should be done in-game and what shouldn't. People change as they get older, of course I've made a change for the better. I've gathered MORPG experience from playing other online games and now feel that every player should be treated correctly and shouldn't be subjected to any misconduct. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider this Knightly / Warrior4Eva