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Found 2 results

  1. Introducing the brand new 64-bit Eternal Lands client for the Mac! The client is compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave and onwards (yes, we finally have a client for 10.15 Catalina!), and for the first time ever has been both signed and notarised by Apple to ensure it’ll run without any compromises. This client also introduces a beautiful new High Resolution mode for Mac users with modern displays. High Resolution mode is automatically detected and enabled for systems which support it, but does use slightly more resources. If you’d rather forego the beautiful crispness in favour of performance, you can disable High Resolution mode via the method described here. As of 1.9.5p8, the macOS client also includes the minimal BurnedMaps pack by default, eliminating the need to install it separately. If you'd prefer to use an alternative (such as the full BurnedMaps pack), please follow the instructions here. Moving forwards, updated Mac builds will be made available regularly alongside those for other platforms where possible - keep an eye on the download link below or the general chat forum for new releases. Big thank you to Bluap for all the hard work he does to bring us new features, and to VinoVeritas for assisting with bugs and testing - you guys rock! Download Here (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p8, released 30/4/20) Previous Version (Eternal Lands macOS 1.9.5p7, released 22/4/20) Any problems or questions? Please read the Eternal Lands for macOS FAQs first.
  2. Eternal Lands for macOS - FAQs

    Welcome to the Eternal Lands for macOS FAQ! Contents: My FPS is lower/My Mac is noisier/How do I disable High Resolution mode? How do I open more than one game client? How do I access other servers? How do I install custom maps? What if I am running a version of macOS older than 10.14 Mojave? Have a problem or question which isn’t covered in this FAQ? Feel free to contact me (Ben) in-game for smaller issues, but otherwise please post a detailed description of your problem in the Mac forum along with the following information: Your EL version (you can obtain this by typing #ver in-game, or viewing the app's Get Info window) Your macOS version and Mac hardware type (both of which can be obtained from Apple menu > About This Mac) Non-mac-specific issues should be directed to either #help_me or the appropriate sub-forums as usual.