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Found 2 results

  1. Three alt questions

    1. What is that maximum number of main char + alts allowed per person? 2. What is that maximum number of main char + alts allowed online simultaneously? (I've had as many as five signed on at once. Is that OK? What is the maximum?) 3. Is it OK to have an alt name that is an awful pun? (I'm not talking merely bad puns, like Evan_Chually or Sue_Issyde, but really, really awful (but not obscene) puns.)
  2. Your Nickname for EL

    If you have problems finding a good name for your character , have a look here: http://hasani.net.ph.../celestial.html If YOU find a nice page, please add it here Unforuatly I have found many taken character names which are alts of someone but not used anymore. Then player end up with stupid names that you can not spell neither remember. Ruins gameplay imo. Plus a name can tell much about yourself. So take a good name! Examples: http://game.eternal-...hp?user=jupiter http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=mars http://game.eternal-....php?user=venus http://game.eternal-....php?user=titan http://game.eternal-...p?user=Callisto http://game.eternal-...er.php?user=sun http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=moon http://game.eternal-...r.php?user=star http://game.eternal-...?user=supernova http://game.eternal-...php?user=nebula