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Found 2 results

  1. physique

    whenever i get the physique attribute i only actually get the added health and carry capacity every other time i get it.
  2. With the current setup we have now in EL You can create an Alt Add some perks on it and basically Kill Anything with it without Any risk what so ever. Guessing that This wasn't the intended purpose of the level restricted No Dropping setup I suggest that there are Level restrictions on the Perks too, at least the "Bombing" perks that helps you cause damage in combat. Set the perks up so You Can't take them until You are above the Safe no drop level and for those that already have the perks and are below that level remove the perks and give back the PPs spent on the restricted perks and they will be able to add those Perks after they are above the No drop level. heh board is messing with me adding double tags