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Found 3 results

  1. Where to go from Harvesting

    Hello, I personally consider Harvesting to be the starting point for skilling. I am curious as to what the second step would be, and where to go when I feel that I have harvested enough. So if you have a minute to respond with your opinion that would be great! Thanks!
  2. At the moment we have to go out of our way to harvest higher level harvestables because we only get exp for the first 120 harvests per hour. Could this be changed to a maximum experience limit instead, calculated by how much you'd get for 120 harvests of the highest level harvestables we actually harvest.? HarvestExpLimit; // exp for harvests in this hour. Reset every hour. BaseHarvestExp; // base experience for the current harvestable the player is harvesting at the time HarvestLimit = 120; //or 140 HarvestExp = 0; //the exp that harvester actually receives if ( HarvestExpLimit < ( BaseHarvestExp * HarvestLimit )) { HarvestExp = Min( BaseHarvestExp, ( HarvestLimit * BaseHarvestExp ) - HarvestExpLimit ); HarvestExpLimit += HarvestExp; HarvestExp += Rationality; } We'd still get 120 harvests worth of experience on highest level harvestable we harvest, but we'd no longer have to drop harvesting low level harvestables in favor of higher level, just because a new hour started.
  3. Harvesting In a Nutshell (comic)

    EDIT: Thanks for the feedback so far! I've hardly done any art before, and just got a new wacom tablet -- So my characters are one step above stickmen. This stuff is pretty damn fun, so if anyone has suggestions for improvement or ideas, I'd love to hear them! full resolution image