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Found 1 result

  1. The Mana Drain Issue

    Hello. Over the years, people have quit Eternal Lands for a number of different issues: attribute cap, no drop kf, mini events and whatnot. However, there is one issue that is provoked far more angst than all these combined. I speak of course, of the 6 air essences now needed to cast the mana drain spell. Let's see some first hand feedback on this issue. As Lee Haha stated, "The game went to shit when MD started to cost 6AE instead of -4" This clearly shows one of the many cases in which the 6 air essences required to drain mana is just a big kick in the teeth of the player base. So I ask, no, I beg the development team of eternal lands to at least change it back to 4 air essences required, or perhaps, as Lee Haha suggests, to -4. If every time the Mana Drain spell was cast, the caster was given 4 air essences, I know I would play EL much more. I think with this change, we could become the largest MMORPG ever. My estimations show that within 3 years, the playerbase of EL would be greater than the userbase of facebook. Please, please do what is right for the game. Stop the 6 AE cost for mana drains. Now. Let's "Fix the game, through mana drain". Thank you.