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Found 1 result

  1. hello eternal people, I am in the middle of leveling up potions so i can do pot tut quest. I am wondering how much of some mixtures i have to mix to get that much exp point to level up. Now i have file of spreadsheets that is huge and i do not like to open it any more... so i am making this website, for mixers, and i want to draw your attention to "i am making", meanning it is not finished, there are some bugs. Works on desktop browsers only (for now). I tried bothering people in game for help, it is going slow, so I decided to ask for help here. If you could visit the website, read the instructions there, and report back here, you do not have to state your rationality level or gods, just report this mix works like: "fe forks for me" Now, some things might not work, in that case i would appretiate your browser, os, and mix you tried to mix. I know of some bugs, like bone powder or some food issues, there are also all mixtures of summoning and tailoring to add, i will do that in next month or so. Anyway, all help is greatly appretiated. here is the link: http://www.beezgetz.com/el_food_guild/ Thank you