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Found 6 results

  1. Rationality Bug?

    Hello, I just got my character to 20 Will when it was 18 will before. I noticed that before (at 18 will) I got +10 attack and defense xp, when I got it up to 20 I saw that I was getting +9 attack and defense xp. So I was thinking why did it go down? If rationality was higher then it should give more xp? Beavers Normal A/D xp given: +5 attack +5 defense At Rationality 11 Beavers A/D xp given: +10 attack +10 defense At Rationality 12 Beavers A/D xp given: +9 attack +9 defense *** THIS WAS NOT TESTED ON ANY SPECIAL DAY BUT MAGIC DAY AND NORMAL DAY SO A/D HAD NO BOOST*** Also I have godless perk so there is no gods effects applied (godless since I made character)
  2. Pickpoints spent in batch of 4

    Hello there, i had a issue today while trading pickpoints with Wraith. I had 4 free pickpoints to use. Chosen inorganic nexus, but ALL of them were spent to it (around 20:00 CEST). I immiedetaly contacted mod (RipTide told me to post here) so you could check the logs and things. Thing is that i suspect there was lag happening while communication, so thats why all PPs were spent instead of just one. Could you please take a look on it, remove 2 PPs from my inorganic so i could spent them as i will to and propably set delay between PPs chosing (there propably wont be anyone as fast to pick 4 PPs within one second ). Thank you very much. schmaki - ingame name
  3. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    Bom Dia! or Good day in english... I was wondering if there is a way to play eternal lands in singleplayer, even if it was to build a small server just for myself ...My internet is horrible and eternal lands weighs a lot, if you...
  4. Excavator Cloak Perk

    I have not played EL in a very long time so things may have changed. When I #list_perks I have the Excavator Perk. However, I do not get the perk when harvesting.. I must actually wear the Excavator Cape to get the double harvest. I'm not sure I'm even suppose to be allowed to wear the cape if I have the perk.. It's not a problem for my player to wear the cape but thought someone should know.. Creishon in game.. Thanks
  5. EL problem occured

    everytime i try logging in i get this message. then it exits out. im running windows xp "eternal lands has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience." then it says "send" and "dont send". i have a picture but idk how to uplaod it here
  6. mule daily bug

    HI i went to do the daily delivery quest and was asked to take the 600 quartz to shantir in glamor magic shop. Did the same as i have done many times before only this time when i handed it in recived no xp/gc or vials/vial mold. went back to tatu in crystal caverns to confirm i had done it correct and was told i couldnt do this quest again for 4 game days confirming i had just finished it (also the 600 quartz was gone). thanks for your time to look into this. Ingame name also Malaki