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  1. I found these Coolio

    you dont appreciate incredibly good drawn stick people! Therefore i challenge you to mortal kombat :battleaxe: :axeman_rune: :battleaxe_rune:
  2. Bad Parents!

    Thanks for the idea of punishing my kids oh and where do you live so i can do it to you. . . . .
  3. (t.v on) whaddya say murlock???? i cant hear you tv is onnnnnnnnnnn
  4. For all gnomes

    Well thats the programers fault he jsut noticed it! Case closed unless it remains open
  5. Bad Parents!

    i saw that on Americas Funniest Home Videos once was funny then still is funny now!
  6. another song i'm working on..

    lol and thats mean but what style is it like rock, hip hop, rap???? its pretty good but 5 years!
  7. I found these Coolio

    heres another funny thing and the llama song is envied by all! (even me) My Webpage\ its not really my webpage but its funny! it takes awhile to actually start hte movie but you can just skip to the beginning its the part with a stick figure looking into the screen
  8. Very confusing science question

    But it wouldn't be a paradox it would be a purple hole soooooooooo you would travel at the speed of light into the infininte beyond and never come back until lets say 70 years or so but since you went so fast it seems like a long time but is actually a couple of seconds because you where going so fast. And since you were goingg so fast you would throw the earth off its axis and then we would all freeze in time until aliens come and defrost us and we continue to live our normal lives like nothing happened.
  9. Very confusing science question

    time travel is real this is what einstein said. . . .
  10. QuaK is recruiting

    Hey in the game QUACK did any1 get to lvl 20 i heard its hard! Oh and here is some cheats (PS2 only(cause XBOX is the weakest system(itsworse than gamecube!)) Infininte Lives up down circle triangle l1 r1 l3 r2 r3 l1 May the ducks be with you at all times for they taste good!
  11. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    I couldn't decide cause i like all of them so i just picked the one that i read the most
  12. What about a sling shot?

    We should have slingshots that shoot rockets and grenades! THen diamond bulletproof vests to! ANYWAY- i think slingshots would be awesome
  13. Pickle lamp!

    its like the radio powered by the patato (from Hey Arnold if any1 has ever seen that)
  14. Very confusing science question

    no but that would be cool though! maybe I should. . . .
  15. School Shooting

    i had that happen on my bus but no one was shot