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  1. Which was your biggest project ever?

    busy with gathering ings for: 100k fe, 100k we, 100k le, 100k he, 100k mag e than reset, take god, sit and mix, sell products and have ~90-100 free pickpoints (possibly use fe for bars, we for polishing gems and than sell those for more gc) goal is buy nexus only and spend pp's only when needed for a/d training all flowers done, now on sulfur ... all other minerals/ores yet to do =D
  2. fast way mixing

    Original 1st post idea = bad idea imo (as some allready pointed out in different ways) I haven't seen the following reason yet: You meant to say that 1 mix would make 4 items for 1x exp (and use 1x food as well?) with same failure % ? How it is atm: if you want to make 100k HE with 2% failure (for example) you would have 2k failure and 98k HE in 100k mixes (i know, fewer clicks with the mix-all and more tries than 100k with fail-without-losing-times, but still you get the point) Now you mix 100k in 25k attempts with same 2% failure, means 500 attempts will fail, each fail = 4 items, so fail is 2k items. Exactly same as with 100k mixes. So you DON'T lose more with same failure %. =simply not true, it's the same amount. Now, the idea's of malameo I DO like... could be needing some tweaks here and there. Don't know what kind of tweakings, but there is a profound benefit with high risk, money sink, etc. involved... There could be something very good in this mix. And for the people who are holding on to the past ("I am playing this game for 6 years now and blah blah"), I am playing this game for 6+ years myself as well (GarfieldClown, now known as Jerome_NL, also known as MaxELL or Fireball (<- not to be confused with Fireballs, because that's someone else )) and I still see this game as fully playable BETA game, so changes will come and go, why not something like mixing? We also got the autoharvest and mix_all over time ... the game evolves, try to evolve with it and not hold on to the past
  3. idea for a new special day

    Maybe make a list with "easy" to level skill, down to the hardest skills. You will get a list like: 1 def 2 att 3 alch (?) 4 pot (?) 5 harv (?) etc. (debatable -> POLL?) The easier skills will have a higher % chance to criss-cross and the harder the skill, the lower the % is that it's mixed with a higer skill. Vica versa, harder skills have a higher % to criss cross with other harder skills and a lower % chance to hit an easier skill. This combined with a time-period (like 15 minutes?) where everything is switched again ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- or, 2nd attempt: Make a list a few easy skills that can be exchanged without (many) problems. Like the top-6 easy skills or so. Those can be criss crossed. The other skills (below those top-6) are also exchangable amongst each other. This way harder skills can never be exchanged with the easiest skills. (possibly again with a time period of ~15 minutes?) ^^ I like the idea, but also have second thoughts ... maybe this input can change the perspective a bit?
  4. Hi I don't know if it are my settings, but I do have some graphic issues with the trees. From low-view (character-view) all looks great, but when I zoom out and I rotate the camera when I see a tree, the branches look flat and not like branches (with all connections to other branches and angles between branches etc.) Also, if you stand on the outside of a house and you look close at the walls of the houses, they seem completely flat. From a distance they look gorgious, but close-up ... then not. Some depth-texture would improve the situation dramatically. Even only a little bit less flat. Something else I allways wanted in EL is this: Distance-view. Now you walk and suddenly animals/characters "appear". I would love to see distance view devided in 2 or 3 parts. If in 3 parts and I would create it (if I could) it would be: 1. far far distance. Mountains and trees are still visible (except at night) but they are shaded in the background. 2. far distance (area between 1 and 3 ) You see movement, characters, animals, but shady. You don't see any names. 1 person/animal is better in camouflage than another, so one would be visible from further away than others. 3. close distance. You see everything as you see it now. When in visible range *poof* details are visible, names are visible etc. When you move from point A to point B in any map the far distance (2) slowly becomes close distance (3) so you go from seeing shadows moving / dissapearing (repeat myself: "for some creatures/characters further away than others because of better camouflage") up to the point that you see the details and names. Some kind of "blender-effect" for the variation between 2 and 3 would absolutley rock! I totally understand if this suggestion is tough to implement and that it is more a coding-thing than graphic-thing but it is also in the graphic department my 0,50 Jerome_NL
  5. Artwork Updates

    Last post here is a thank you Roja post from June 25th 2009. Roja, do you have any teasers for us laying around so we can start drewling again? Or do we just have to wait till next update? Teasers are allways good in my book Greets
  6. Screenshot Thread

    Is that a original screenshot? If so, what are you fighting? I see 2 times +73 defense above your head, but you are not engaged, nor is there a deathbag / dead animal monster at your feet... How do you do thát?
  7. Nice subject to talk about ... and good to see that most are more or less on the same page on what is good / bad. My 2 cents: Age restrictions: bad (doing stuff when you are actually too young is cool in most teenagers eyes) Age recommendations: good (if there is a good education behind it) I would not go as far as "total freedom" do whatever you like, no age restrictions what-so-ever... but turn them into age-recommendations. Like drinking, smoking, doing (soft/hard) drugs, sex, movies, games, driving, etcetera etcetera... (minimum age for driving would still be handy though lol) Educate the dangers of every thing kids will encounter in the rest of their lives. Somehow they will get in contact with all of the above (don't we all know people who do or have done hard drugs once or twice or even got addicted to it? Even if we didn't do it ourselves?) When properly educated, kids have at least the knowledge to act on there own, for the bad or for the good. And it starts the moment the can talk and come with questions untill they leave the house to live on there own (even then you are not done as parents... they probably will come back once in a while with new questions). If you add a recommended age in the education, you give the kids the possibility to decide what is good or bad for themselves without breaking the law if they do it earlier. And when they go out and experiment, they can also do it in a safe way. I didn't start smoking untill I was 20, just to try it out, I didn't like it so I stopped ... Now I am 27 and I know I will not smoke the rest of my life, just because it is not my thing (I did start drinking with age 15, didn't do any other kinds of drugs so far, and started having sex on age 24 ... not because I didn't want to but I didn't have a partner yet ) I am blessed with the education I have had, my mom did a good job (parents divorced), and school / talking with friends / my own experiences filled in the rest of the questions. Live and learn. That were my 2 cents. Jerome_NL
  8. Your play times

    Last 6 months it sure was 6-8 hours a day ... unemployment ftw! :S I will have a job again from July the 1th, 36 hours a week + travel time, so my EL-time will be reduced to 0-2 hours a day max. My choise here was 6-8
  9. "Cooldown" message for harvesting

    do you know me? I don't swallow
  10. "Cooldown" message for harvesting

    This would be a good addition imo. Another cooldown question: Why does the food-cooldown uses the higher cooldown times also for lower cooldown food? Example, I eat 1 fruit, but I still have to wait the cooldown for fruit before I can drink a Feasting Potion. Imo it should be: eat 1 fruit, and after 10 seconds you can drink FP again... this way fruit and veggies would be used more for mixing again as well Right now for me it is: drink FP, mix all , if time left eat toads, mix again, drink FP ... repeat ... hardly any other food used in my experience. Jerome_NL
  11. Would you like to have more quests available in game?

    Given the options in the poll, the outcome doesn't surprise me at all 80+% for more quests ingame. I don't care for "rewards".. it would be nice if there is some reward ... but imo rewards for every quests are not necessary ... just to complete something is nice. If only a coder with lotsa free time and who want to put in the effort would jump in to code them Jerome_NL
  12. Gold membership

    I voted: Yes, but won't buy one And: Higher chance for stones I won't buy one ... that is for now I don't have a job atm ... also not the money to spend on luxuries. When I do find a job, I would seriously think in taking it though ... not sure about it yet, also depends a little on the effect ingame. And I voted for Higher chance to find stones, because I haven't found a single stone yet on Jerome_NL Jerome_NL
  13. Spikebigpapa banned for foul language in presence of mod

    24 User(s) are reading this topic (4 Guests and 3 Anonymous Users) 17 Members: GarfieldClowntje, Jaclaw, jim55, annatira, bromber, geritt, 2coolfool, Maxine, molime, LabRat, rauch, Crom, Gilrain, RunTime, Raz, Dugur, lilpickle it's april 1th tomorrow ... maybe it's a joke ? Radu and Roja (and moderators?) came up with it together, planned and typed out allready? (might explain the moving to gen-chat section ) /1st and last post in this -ridiculous- thread
  14. Mare Bulungiu

    the monster has a very huge material points (obviously) but is it also very strong?? my question basicly is, how strong is the mare bulangiu? Jerome_NL /and nice job
  15. Netherlands / Holland

    Ik ben net bij pagina 1 begonnen en heb élke post gelezen wat een ge#@$^% Maar goed, ik ga niet reageren vanuit mijn frustratie die is opgewekt door de vele spel- en grammaticafouten ... want die zie je op elk forum. Ik wilde namelijk iets anders zeggen. Heeft er iemand wel eens de encyclopedie in het nederlands geprobeerd? Daar staan een stel deftige woorden in ... niet normaal. "Gouden Baren" en dergelijke. Denk je dat iemand die de Nederlandse Taalinstellingen wil (of moet!) gebruiken *denkend daarbij aan mensen zo jong dat ze nog geen engels kunnen / of mensen die engels heel moeilijk vinden* deze deftige (lees moeilijke) taal handig vindt om te gebruiken? Ik denk het niet. Er staan echt héél aparte dingen tussen en ik ben dan ook weer snel naar de Engelse instellingen gegaan. Kijk daar maar eens in de Encyclopedie ... je staat versteld! Jerome_NL in het spel /ps, weet iemand hoe ik hier dan mijn forum-naam kan veranderen? zie siggy..
  16. fishing maybe?

    Well ... it is definitly a necro, no doubts about that ... bút he didn't start a new thread only to get it locked with "search ftw " As far as I know, it is approved to get an (very) old suggestion and use that thread to get the discussion going, preferably with new ways for the suggestion, wich daiske did. Allthough I don't like his new input, it is the right way to do it ... or am I totally wrong here? Jerome_NL /ps I am all FOR the fishing ... skill or not ... maybe just like cooking meat ... not really a "skill" and only low exp from it ... so no biggie, could work for fishy
  17. Hello all. As the topic title says, I would like to increase everthing 10 fold. Everything except: 1) amount of items (harvests / manufacturing), 2) exp / levels and 3) EMU. What would I like to see changed: Per OA you get 10 pickpoints Attributes capped at 480 instead of 48 Nexus needed 10 times as much as now (example 100 in human needed for art. cloak) But also 10x more health points/mana Weapons deal 10x more damage Spells take 10 times more mana and have 10 times the effect (offensive spells) of the ones now new!: Your EMU can grow 10x too, BUT weight of flowers / ores / minerals / items increase 10x as well! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Etc. You might think, WHY?!?! : * If you perform a search, and type in a few words like +stats +change +tweak +weapons +armour +overpowered +useless +perk +whateva, any combination of these and you come up with a LOT of topics where people would like to see some changes to whatever weapon/armour/perk/spell/... * Weapons and armour can be tweaked and changed better, to give more variation in how you would cloth yourself, more balance between different builds. * perks can be made more usefull again, more people might take perks, if they weren't as expensive as the are now (come on 7 pp's for a good perk ... hardly anyone uses them ... far too expensive) * Nexusses can be changed so that the top items still use 60 or 70 nexus (100 for artificial cloak), but from 0 till 70 every item can be given allmost it's unique difficulty in nexus. Example SR's could need 40 vegetal, Potion of Feasting 42 vegetal, BR's 44 vegetal, etc. And thus further improving your freedom, how far will you go, what items do you want to make? * It gives the players more freedom to build there characters. You could build your character just as you are building it right now, you just need 10 times more pickpoints to get the same effect as if you are spending 1 as it is now. * Animals / Monsters can get more variaty, tweaking as you like. * new!: Harvestables can be tweaked, so that the chrysanthemums, red roses, swamp candles and mullein don't all weigh 1 anymore ((ps *Hydro bars for nexusses should be changed if ^above^ get's in impossible to get hydro bars for 400 nexusses *)) I can understand that this would be MAJOR change in coding, programming. I don't know if it even is possible(?) - if not drop it - I also don't know if I am missing something important that would totally destroy this game in this idea ... Please flame away ... good / bad / different approach? thanks for reading, Jerome_NL ingame aka GarfieldClown / MaxeLL
  18. Increase everything 10 fold

    What I like about it is being able to buy a perk with one level up.4 If they changed the way attributes are distrubuted then if wouldn't be a problem. Like if we got 10pp per oa and we could either buy a perk or an attribute. I don't think the whole 10x on EVERYTHING5 is going to happen though :> It would be a total revamp... 1: just about same amount iron ore coming into the game. You have 10x more EMU in this suggestion and Iron Ore is ~10x heavier. 4 EMU per Iron Ore becomes ~40 EMU per Iron Ore, with possibility to tweak the number (therefor the "~") 2: stats of items from weapons and armour are gonne be 10x larger ... so I think high-end weapons / armour are still the best choise with this suggestion. Only with more ways to vary / tweak / change stats, so that some weapons / armours are not too much overpowered. 3: with 'water down' do you mean everybody spend pp's in different types of attributes? If that is what you mean... -> what is happening now ingame, will happen in the future also, is my prediction. Because of the Cap in attributes rising to 10x higher as well, to get the maximum EMU you need 440 pp's spend in physique and 440 pp's in coordination (because you start with 40 in each attribute allready ). If done so, you would be OA level 88 to max out your emu, same as it is right now. To max out several attributes you need just as many oa's as you do now. 4: don't forget that perks can be tweaked as well now you need 7 pp's for really good perks, wich is absurdly high price in my humble opinion, but if this suggestion where you get 10x more pp's for an OA get's implemented, the pp's needed for a perk will probably rise a bit as well But more realistic ... not up to 70 for a good perk ... but maybe up to 20 or 25 for a really good one. 5: everything except the exceptions ((# of items and # exp / levels)) Jerome_NL edit: /ps I just read back my last post and I realised that with my choise of words it sounds that this suggestion is actually going to happen ... but it is only just a suggestion English is not my native tongue and sometimes I find it hard to find the right words to express myself... edit 2: I was wrong in the weight of iron ore ... changed it into 4 and ~40
  19. Increase everything 10 fold

    ?? ?? What do you mean? Big LOL! If Ent /or any of the other co-developers-programmers/ would even start to THINK of beginning with this idea or at ALL (which is a whole lot of work, I know, Ent said it as well in this topic), than don't you think that with a "little bit more effort", they *could* come up with an option to spend 1 pickpoint at a time at the wraith as well as an option to spend 10 pickpoints at once??? That is IF (very VERY big IF) Ent/developers will even start to think about doing something with this idea... which, as far as I know, is not the reality atm. Please don't bitch about problems that wouldn't be problems in the first place (for players-side-perspective) Constructive critisism fine, Are there more downsides to this idea not yet pointed out in previous replies, than please shout! (I wouldn't want to destroy this wonderfull game, I would like to improve it, by giving my opinions/suggestions) But no posts about how this will wreck personel game-play... cause it simply wouldn't kktnxbye Jerome_NL
  20. Increase everything 10 fold

    ?? ?? What do you mean?
  21. Increase everything 10 fold

    No, just the emu of those items would increase 10X "Your mana pool would be 10x larger Mana used per spell would be 10x larger Effect per spell would be 10x larger (but with 10x larger healthpoints effect is the same) SR's and BR's would restore 10x more mana / health points than they do now EMU per essence / SR's / BR's would be 10x larger (you would be able to carry as many essences / SR's / BR's as you can now)" "The amount of ingredients per spell would stay the same" "The amount of SR's / BR's needed would be the same" If implemented like that 'nothing' changes except the extra '0', but things can be tweaked like: - EMU per essence, bit higher/lower for different essences; - Mana used per spell tweaked higher/lower per spell; - Effects per spell higher/lower; Jerome_NL /Edit/ I editted the first post a little bit, I removed the exception "nr 3) EMU" and added the 10x more carryload (EMU) but also 10x more weight for harvestables/items in the suggestion. (Items carried will effectively be the same as now, but you can change the weight per item a little better 'realistic')
  22. Increase everything 10 fold

    Read the base-note again and note the "except" clause. It would be exactly! the same as it is now, with 10 times more freedom to change stats / effects / etc. In 1 of my replies I mentioned that the excpetion for EMU can be bypassed, by making everything 10 times heavier as well 9600 EMU max (no mule) and 10 Weight flowers, effect = the same, bút you can make 1 flower heavier, and the other weighing less. Same for the many 2 EMU items ingame now ... ten folds makes it 20 EMU per item. Coal could be made 18 EMU, Silver ore 22 EMU, Quartzes 24 EMU ... (or something like that) and you create many more differences, many more options in development.. Some of the people indeed got my intention in the first post and based on the reactions so far, I am pleased that there are people who agree with me Jerome_NL
  23. Increase everything 10 fold

    Presumably, this means that EMU would be raised 1/10th as quickly, such as 2 EMU per (physique+coordination)/2 (or however Might would be calculated with the change), instead of 20. That is, we wouldn't all end up with 9600 EMU. If you would think of the idea some more, you *could* make everything 10x heavier ánd EMU 10x higher (nothing changes as it is now) and than start tweak everything ... like some flowers a bit lighter, some a bit heavier (come on, swamp candles, mullein and chrysanthemums are all the same emu? ... isn't true irl, why here ) 'cept that their stats would be 10x also, so effectively you'd still get burned alive (or frozen?) and eaten. Hazor is so spot on I allready thought that might be a problem... Well at least I put in my 2 cents thanks for reading, Jerome_NL
  24. Mage\Magic Addition Wishlist

    Are you serious? Have you any idea how strong some of the mages are? .... 100+ dmg.. some even over 200dmg per harm... It's more then enough damage to take out anyone within 1-3 sec.. And some of the current spells can also be tweaked a bit Right now a good attack/defense person has probably also a good magic level so any good attacker can also cast a good bit of harm. Magic immunity makes it 100% safe against harm spells ... so just cast that one and be safe (as it is now) IF current spells are tweaked so that harm doesnt give 100+ damage AND magic immunity is not 100% garantuee a Mage can have a change ... right now a Mage doesnt! Because an a/d person can cast Magic Immunity Spell and Tele To Range next to the Mage and Mage is dead meat! So IF we want Mage ingame to have a chance (and many people ingame want that ... just hit search button in suggestion ... MANY are for mages) we dó need changes. My 2 cents
  25. Mage\Magic Addition Wishlist

    There are several possible solutions that could make a "real mage class" many of wich have indeed been discussed a lot in suggestions! This suggestion is rather good if you would ask me and I would like to add something to it: As it is now, Att + Def + Mag skill works together. To make a "real" mage, the 3 skills would need to break apart, a/d for fighters magic for mages. Offcourse fighters should be able to cast magic spells in combat, BUT the spells would need to be far less powerfull than they are right now. The Mage's spells should be powered-up, so they can actually win from fighters. Idea's: option 1: "attributes" ( {combination of Charm / Ethereality and/or Reaction of caster } * [spell effect] ) / {combination of Matter/Toughness and/or Dexterity of opponent} option 2: "clothes" ( { Magic Robes effects of caster } * { opponents armour } * [spell effect] ) / { magic resistance of opponent } option 3: "skill level" ( { Magic level of caster } * [spell effect] ) / { combination of att+def of opponent } <- maybe (att + def) / 10 or 20 or whatever option 4: "nexus" ( { Magic Nexus of caster } * [spell effect] ) / { Human nexus of opponent } Or option 5: "attributes + clothes + skill level + nexus" ( {combination of Charm / Ethereality and/or Reaction of caster } * { Magic Robes effects of caster } * { opponents armour } * { Magic level of caster } * { Magic Nexus of caster } * [spell effect] ) / ( {combination of Matter/Toughness and/or Dexterity of opponent} * { magic resistance of opponent } * { combination of att+def of opponent } * { Human nexus of opponent } ) ebul! Or any combination It will for sure break the att / def / magic combo ... Fractions can allways be discussed and tweaded so the mages wont become uber-powerfull, but will stand a chance against figthers. Cyas! <Jerome_NL ingame nowadays >