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  1. why am i banned?

    Computer is in the shop will be sure too do so as soon as I'm back online! Thanks!
  2. why am i banned?

    AH okay. I did not know the other half of that. I was unaware of Chesters ban. That was not disclosed with me. When I asked why I was banned I thought it was for giving out the password. That's why I thought the rule was misleading. Well my apologies for the confusion. I accept that punishment but I would like to play again at some point so if given another chance in the future I would promise not to let anyone else on my char. After you see fit of course. Thanks for the time and quick replys
  3. why am i banned?

    If I am banned strictly for giving out my password then you need to reword your Rule #4 because it is misleading and in which case I have several other names your gonna need to ban including a lot of the top tier players.
  4. why am i banned?

    I reread rule 4 upon your request and still not understanding the reasoning for my banning. I gave out my password on my own free will. I have "relinquished my rights to my character and I take full responsibility if I am scammed. How ever your rule states "if I contact you to fix my mistake the ip will be banned" I do not remember making any such claim. There is nothing stating that I can not be an adult and make a decision of my own free Will.
  5. why am i banned?

    I already explained that I did not make an alt and block any path ways I'm not good enough with computers to figure out how to prove it but I wasn't even logged on from a comp that day. I was on droid harvesting flowers minding my own business when I was accused my radu. I explained best I could. Don't understand where the confusion came from. I do have alts but I don't use them to cause havoc or scam.
  6. Why the Invance Change?

    Eternal Lands has always catered to the no lives and punished the casual players. Not sure why I would think this would change after a decade. Period the end.
  7. Why the Invance Change?

    To quote you " if we have a team to ask" I think the point of my article is that there isn't a team. There are not enough 120-145 online at the same time to make a team. And if what Hussam said is true about the 145-200 team only going about 9 times..then clearly they don't have enough people either. Splitting them was a good idea in thought I guess? Cause I do remember some crazy 120-200 with a ton of people. But Idk i feel you need that commrodery between the 120s and the big boys. And like I said in my first post. I don't see the change benefiting the player or creator. So perhaps changing it back or finding a new way to split it up. So that they could at least run a few times a week. Just my opinion I suppose.
  8. The simple answer here is a quest window....a real one. That regardless what computer your on. Recognises and tells you all quests in the game. Weather they are complete, incomplete or in the middle of. And if its in the middle of should tell you where you are. My character has been active for over a decade. I have no clue what quests ive started, finished or completed. I rmember runescape had a very easy table. Completed quests were red. Quests not begun were green. And yellow quests were in progress and if you click it. It tells you right where you are in the quest. This would be a huge asset and posibly bring some new life to questing.
  9. Why the Invance Change?

    So I returned recently to game and noticed the invances have been split into 120-145 and 145-200. And here is what I have noticed. 1. The 145-200 still runs almost every day furthering the astronomical gap between those who find EL to be the end all be all of existance and the casual player. 2. The 120-145 seems to run once or twice a month. Taking away a fun and crucial activity for leveling in the higher levels. 3. 120-145 players tend to die more then 145-200 players there for lessening the rostogol usage. So I guess my question is this... Why the change? It doesnt seem to be beneficial in a players stand point nor an owner/entrepeneurs stand point. Frankly the games economy already blows due to having to many lazy pr0s and not enough noobs. So why continue to punish the casual player?
  10. CRASH

    Training on yeti....hope my death bag will still be there.... Edit: no, no it fuckin wasnt +1 EL
  11. 120+ Instance

    I agree 100% doing 50+ Ice Instance and never getting the one hope at a profit (Nexus).
  12. Level Requirement Quests

    My point is, that at level 80 potions, if your gonna spend time on a quest, it should at least get you close to a level a few 100k exp. But you cant leave a quest like that open to the entire EL public because if some one level 8 Potion does it...all of a sudden they level 40 levels in a heart beat. Which isnt fair to those of us who had to struggle through those first 40~ annoying levels of a skill. By the way...not talking about dailys here. I mean actual quests. One time only deals.
  13. Level Requirement Quests

    Forgive me if im wrong here, but how is it any different the the Alchemy/Potion/etc.. tutorial quests. Basically they have level requirements on them, in order to finish you must level each of those skills to a level you can make the toughest item in that skill. You can BEGIN them at any time but cannot finish. And rightfully so because the tutorials provide an extreme amount of experience. Thats basically all im talking about here. Quests that provide a reasonable amount of exp for our level difference. And man make them tough I wanna work!....but please no more breaking st00f quests...they make me head hurt and yess yeti in iscalrith good catch maxi o/
  14. Most quests in EL (besides dailys) can be done at any point in the game...At 160 a/d or from the moment you arrive on IP as a noobie. Because of this most of us do 90% of these quests from levels 0-100 which right fully so because at levels higher then that the reward experience becomes completely insignificant for example i think the highest a/d exp for a regular quest is what 200k? at level 140+ that means basically nothing. Back to what I said about doing all these quest at 0-100 it leaves little to do at the higher levels besides epicly grindddd. I understand why the regular quests dont give awesome exp like 1 Mil a/d exp...because a noob could do it and be in his 70's in seconds. So my suggestion here is level/skill requirements on some new quests. So when you talk to the NPC and he rambles on about the quest at the end it says, (Example.... Requirements: A/D 130/130+) (Example...Requirements: A/D 140/140+ and Potion 60+) etc. Just an example quest...sorry im bored... Robin Tell Gets Married! (Requirements 120+ A/D & 50+ Range) NPC: Robin Tell is getting married and he needs your help to throw the best wedding ever! First thing you need to do is invite your guests! Go speak to Lasud and get the invite list she knows every one! Lasud: Here is the invite list now go and drop each person on the list there invites! (Like 25-30 different NPCs through out the 2 continents) So you must visit each of these different NPCs and drop off there invite(kinda cool experience to maybe explore places you dont usually go) The last npc on the list tell you to return to the original NPC that gave the quest. NPC: Great! You have given all the invites out! Next thing you need to do is get a venue to throw the wedding at. Go speak with Lord Luxin and convince him to let you use his Castle! Lord Luxin: He asks you for a favor (Some what difficult or at least time consuming) and upon completing his favor he allows you to use his castle as a venue. return to original NPC NPC: Excellent Invites are out, we have our venue...next we need Flowers! Go talk to the Flower shop owner in Portland and see if she will take the job. Flower Shop NPC: Send you on a mission to gather a few thousand flowers spread through out the 2 continents before she agrees. once again make it some what difficult. then return to original NPC NPC: Invites...Check....Venue...Check.....Flowers....Check.....Food.....Food.... what the hell!! We have noo food! Go visit Reca at the IP tavern and see if she will Cater the Wedding for us! Reca: Sends you on another side mission....involving possibly gathering meat from certain animals, and harvesting different foods around the maps. make it interesting lol. Then she agrees and we return to the NPC NPC: Great we got food! But still need the most important part of every wedding! The Cake! go speak with Hyutan see if he will bake one of his finest masterpieces! Hyutan: sends you once again on a mission around the maps looking for ingrediants for his cake. Then return to the NPC! NPC: Fantastic we have everything we need for the wedding! But theres one more thing. Robin Tell needs to find him self a heroic ranger to be his best man/maid of honor at the wedding! So prove your excellence by killing 6 creatures from specific locations with a bow. A Wolf-From the top of the lamp post in VoTD A Snake-From the top of the staircase in Naralik (Where Ardur the book seller is) A Goblin-From the Fort in Morraven Marsh A Troll-From Behind the Wall in SKF A DCW-From the cliffs in Bethel A Yeti-From the walls in Irinveron After you recieve your pop ups of completing the above 6 kills return to NPC for reward Reward: 1 Million A/D Exp, 300K Range Exp, Archery Arena Ticket Hope you enjoyed was just for fun, but seriously so many oppurtunities here!
  15. you aint goin no where nub