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  1. just downloaded game,

    Can you see the buttons below in the bottom-left of the screen? (You want the first two.)
  2. Mage class idea

    I was trying to argue, that by replacing magic immunity with a greater magic protection, the 40 pickpoint perk is unnecessary. And the setup I described is extreme, yes, I imagine most people would put points into nexuses and other attributes too. Again, my suggestion was to replace magic immunity with a greater magic protection, which would reduce the amount you could mana drain and harm that target, so you may not necessarily be able to mana drain for 40 if your target had high resistance (it may be lowered to 30, or 6, or 0).
  3. Mage class idea

    For 48 rationality you'd need 48 will and 48 reasoning. So I'll assume you meant 48 Reasoning and 16~24 will, I suppose. 'NEVER' sounds a little bit strong here. You're saying it's impossible for someone to get a high magic level and OA 60? Say if someone got 48 will and 20 reasoning (others at 4). That gives 130 health, 208 ethereal, rationality 34. And they'd be as good at magic as 'most high lvl fighters' if they are indeed as you say. Now if they can keep the battle at range, casting magic at the foe, they'd be on equal footing. And if they had a reasonable (less than 'high lvl') fighter with them to go and engage the enemy, they'd have a great advantage. Now also bear in mind that not everyone has 48 rationality and 16~24 will and insane magic levels... Sure, those people with experienced characters and uber equipment will be just as overpowering as they are now. But i'm sure even a lesser 'pure' mage could do alright against slightly weaker opponents if he could just get past that immunity. There are new players in the game as well as old pros.
  4. Mage class idea

    Maybe this is too simple, but meh. I think a better idea would just be to change the magic immunity spell into one which gives an amount of magic protection dependant on the caster's magic level and Rationality. Decent 'Mages' would generally have higher rationality than fighters, so would be able to deal damage to them above what the resistance deducts. As well as wearing armor with magic protection, Fighters could take some rationality to give themselves increased protection from magic, but would then suffer from having less pickpoints to place in attributes that power up their physical attacks, whereas to mages putting points in rationality would be all important to increase the damage they can do (leaving them weaker in melee). More variety in spells, and armor/equipment (magic robes instead of armor, that require magic nexus to wear?) that somehow boost magic effectiveness at the cost of melee effectiveness would also help the Mage become a class of it's own.
  5. Sorry the name/health is on, but it does show both bows and crossbows, and a nice mix of races using them
  6. Where is the music files [SOLVED]

  7. mobility radeon x600

    Well going off the 'Assistance...' link from that page, AMD recommends getting drivers from your manufacturer's website. Yours is a dell laptop was it? In which case, try here. http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx
  8. Arrows testing (test server)

    I noticed #arm reports damage 5/8 when wearing either a training arrow or crossbow arrow quiver so tried fighting some monsters barehanded and with melee weapons with and without wearing one. It looks like wearing the quivers increases the melee damage you deal. If you also wield a weapon #arm reports that the weapon damage adds on to the 5/8 quiver damage. Is this known about already?
  9. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce Go 7600/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.0 No problems with RC3 so far.
  10. Qunique Harvest SHop

    Don't know how many you need, but i'd be happy to trade up to 4 Bronze bars for 3k diamonds, 3k iron, or 4.5k silver each. I'm not fussy so will take any, and no rush Thanks. ~guy
  11. warlock cape, brown bucanneer hat

    Not brod-proof, but the +8 magic resistance gives it some brod protection. They were wrong, see point below. Yes, the quote by entropy two posts up from yours.
  12. Giving away 300kgc

    *buys something expensive last minute* Good luck all
  13. Selling Books, etc.

    So how about 5k for that book of accuracy?