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  1. New critical damage

    @isk. in an eternal lands world you would like to think many things... like a world where you dont stub your finger every 20 seconds while picking flowers, so is it so hard to believe that in this day in age (and economy) that when you buy a bright and shiny new 40k sword; that it shatters after three or four uses?
  2. Was I banned because i was in 60's invasion zone ?

    If i may, why not when doing a capped invasion, program up a little something that actually blocks the characters above the cap from attacking the invasion monster? Im no programmer, but doesnt sound like a difficult task, and we wouldnt have pissy banned characters to deal with
  3. Light_Grenade

    couldnt help read what was going on. Light_grenade was always a pleasent and respectful guy from the time i knew him. always ready to help out whomever he could with whatever he could. I could never see him doing anything like this post suggests. Its possible his character is under new ownership. i wouldnt know b/c ive been gone so long. But im extremelly bothered by the accusations and if it is LG. Boy u got some explaining to do -.-
  4. Fluffy Rabbit

    0o right on
  5. Which Armor Do You Use Most?

    Col full tit when i train. skull n crossbones when i harv >: carry around a SoP for sexxiness
  6. perks

    got the nmt perk the first time nmt capes were made breakable. and power hungry ftw o skeptic too, never was a fan of constilations
  7. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Intel 845G Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.3.0 - Build
  8. Buying/Selling List

    pm me ingame (firevalor) i alch matters
  9. matter essence and reasoning removal

    if you still need matter ess i will alch them
  10. Buying SRs, health and air essence

    i will buy all the animal furs you have
  11. what happens when the pk system is more of a joke than bob saget? you make suggestions. now what happens when every suggestion gets thrown out by ace/radu/learner/ect? you say "my fingers hurt way too bad from playing guitar hero and working, why waste my time" i understand everyones point, and can relate. but uhh. runescape has a funner pk system than EL, and that right there is grounds for improvement
  12. Giving away 100kgc

    hmm, never thought twice about this, but are the map packs located on the CEL site part of these outdated/illegal shananagins?
  13. lol we all sqabble here like it makes some sort of difference. heres the scoop so you all can save the eyesore of reading 13 pages of pointless debate. "scoop" EL pk is a joke. unless you custom fit yourself for war, get countless neg perks for p/c use all but 6 pp from oa's for p/c. ect ect. dont like it? ill prequote what i guarentee the developers say "too f*ckin bad" ^^ now ill prequote the responces to this post "bitch bitch bitch" any question?
  14. acelon wrote wow ive heard that so many times its almost pointless to give you guys ideas -_- maybe its better to let the people who can train a/d 13 hours a day rule the pk maps from now on im gonna keep my mouth shut... acualy my fingers tied, and let the pr0s make their game bye bye now.