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  1. Highlander.

    if chances end up the same as BRoD / BoD / special weapons chances to work... everyone will drop dead 1st hit
  2. Drop book sale...

    Lately my storage's been filling with books I don't even have an use for... so I'm offering them here for sale. Books for 500gc: Book of Titanium Short Sword Construction SOLD OUT 1 Book of Potion of Physique 9 Books of Potion of Crafting 2 Books of Iron Axe Construction 2 Books of Potion of Summoning Book of Isla Prima Ring Building SOLD OUT Book of Titanium Long Sword Construction SOLD OUT 1 Book of Bear Summoning Book of Bear Fighting SOLD OUT 2 Books of Potion of Manufacturing 1 Book of Stars Medallion Building Book of Potion of Feasting SOLD OUT 4 Books of Magic Potion Book of Gargoyles Summoning SOLD OUT 1 Book of Portland Ring Building Books for 1Kgc: Book of Titanium Mining SOLD OUT Book of Ring of Disengagement SOLD OUT Book of Titanium Smelting SOLD OUT Book of Dwarf Fighting SOLD OUT Book of Titanium Molding SOLD OUT 1 Book of Elf Fighting Book of Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction SOLD OUT Book of Humans Fighting SOLD OUT You can leave a post here if you're interested on any, but I'd prefer it if you just can get to me ingame (same name as forum name). Besides, if you buy 3 1Kgc books on a single trade, I'll give away one 500gc book for free at your choice. NOT ANYMORE Have fun everyone. -Draym EDIT: Updating list...
  3. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    Anyway, I think the BoD/BRoD effects are enough already, I never understood why did they inflict high damage anyway (not sure 'bout branch, but bone does)
  4. Fire Essence in manufacture counter

    My kill counter shows less fluffies and mountain chimerans than I've killed (killed a lot on a VotD invasion and got only 5 in counter), and I noticed that when I use teleport to portal room to go somewhere, and then cast the spell again to go back, it only appears as used once on the spell counter... no mixed stuff between counters tho.
  5. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    If the cloak is made cheaper or just manufacturable (yeye, I know it's gonna be under crafting or something someday) without needing any rare items, then it's gonna be good for something. As for now, 6.5k for something that breaks as much as leather aug torsos doesn't solve much imo...
  6. Gah.. pls People.. concentrate more...

    and rostogol stone too please... I'm sick of rostogals, rostagals, rastagols and that crap lol
  7. Map bug

    The 2nd one, the rock, was reported already, but I think the cave wall was not
  8. PK contest for the next weekend

    should've started like 15 minutes ago no? :S
  9. PK contest for the next weekend

    I'm not sure if I can make it in time... are we allowed to join the contest if it's still going even if we're not there from the beginning?
  10. Drop book sale...

    Good I will look for you next time I get some time to play
  11. Not bad... sounds like Prey tho I think
  12. am i banned?

    then is darkdante mystic's alt or are they different people? makes no sense at all...
  13. Drop book sale...

    Good, that goes for 3Kgc (IP ring book free). Let's see when we can meet ingame (right now I'm on)
  14. Anti-break potion

    So trying to kill somebody and take their possessions is acceptable, but deliberately breaking their items is malicious? "If it ain't mine, it will be nobody's!!"... that's why almost everyone thinks BRoD is just sick
  15. the problem is that there isn't anything else to fight expecting good exp gains back... and we already waste a lot on healing items, armor...
  16. I guess he tried to solve the problem of people creating alt characters to store stuff. But the suggestion makes no sense. I don't know how to craft clothing, but I can own and wear it anyways. I don't see your point. And trollson I think that in most cases the manufactured stuff monsters drop makes sense. When you kill a goblin, doesn't it make sense it drops leather armor, that it might be wearing? what it quite doesn't make sense is that an unarmed monster drops swords or other stuff, the swords an unarmed skeleton drops could be dropped by an armed one, and so on (unarmed monsters could still drop gloves or stuff like that). And the fact wood sprites, imps... drop polished gems makes perfect sense to me as well.
  17. Invasion in VOTD... it begins

    Probably didn't tell anyone hoping they could go back for their bags...
  18. NMT game

    killed 8 fluffies, no nmt
  19. Buying Various Books.

    Most of the books you've mentioned there are NOT monster drops. Gold/Emerald/Diamond/Sapphire mining are not. Hydro/Wolf mining are not AFAIK. Processing books are not drops either. Only SOME potion books and the titanium trilogy (mining/molding/smelting) are monster drops I think, and I can sell you those you need if you get to me ingame, same name. EDIT: I had skipped, magic essence ain't a drop either.
  20. New monsters

    It was already suggested here Also appeared here... And here... And here... And here as well So the moral is, "search" is your friend. Besides, the stats you're suggesting for them proves me you've got no clue at all about battling and monsters ingame. PS.: But it would be nice to have golems ingame anyway...
  21. Hacked

    Because they're mods and admins?
  22. hapukurk is a big fat bag jumper

    How he take 90 feasting potions (450 EMU) ? His EMU room about 260. owned
  23. More in the next update

    Man... do you even bother reading the threads you reply to?
  24. Test the invasions on the test server

    This refers to these non-warned invasions that start in VotD mines that will only be warned by donating to an NPC, I think. Affiliations suggestion was turned down for the time being.

    Probably the one I got from him on PK some days ago