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  1. New NPC

    The story
  2. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    Rosts/brod/bod/etc are all legal weapons in the game, so I doubt seriously we would make areas that pose those limits. As for other limits on levels, the answer is NO. We do not allow limits and this subject has been suggested a few times. Perhaps you need to search for similar topics in the future.
  3. The Great Silver Rush

    From what I have heard, yes it will happen and soon. They are just getting their people lined up to make sure all times are covered so everyone has opportunity to compete. Just be a little patient.
  4. The Irilion Informer has been released!

    Thank you Terena
  5. The Irilion Informer has been released!

    Not a bad newspaper. Especially not bad for a first one. I only have a few suggestions: 1. Make sure all know that you are using info for a newspaper. 2. Give the ones that have been interviewed a chance to see the "press release" before others do--to assure what they stated was what was intended to be stated. 3. Make sure you have permissions for all materials used--regardless of the source. 4. Do NOT let Acelon handle the personal relations--as he is a n00b.
  6. The Irilion Informer has been released!

    All caps mean they are yelling. However, I have never seen anyone selling newspapers quietly stating "Extra, extra, read all about it". Looks like a bit of RP to me for it to be in all caps.
  7. Music cutting out

    Well if you have the music downloaded already, toss it on Winamp and play. Winamp will play ogg files.
  8. PK contest for the next weekend

    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Not porn but will do for a link ohmygod
  9. Preparing for the server change

    Cool. Changing the server address may allow me to be unblocked by the University
  10. Draw your EL character contest!

    Very Nice Sistema
  11. Are you a patriot?

    Somewhat Patriotic You scored 37% US Philosophy, 75% American Pride, 53% Involvement, and 100% Citizen Status!
  12. Draw your EL character contest!

    Here is mine, as I was trying out a new program called Hexigon 2.0. WARNING: It may give you nightmares!!!! Perhaps I need to try more Darker background--swamp
  13. We are trying to plan an event for high end fighters and need to know how high of creatures some of you can successfully kill. I am not interested in your stats, just need to know if we have enough people that can kill high end monsters and want to possibly enter an event for high end fighters. If we do not have enough people for the higher end of monster killing, we may have to step the invaded monsters down a notch.
  14. RabbitChaser

    RabbitChaser is banned from contests for a month.
  15. What does Asgnny Mean?

    A Small Grumpy Non Neon Yeti
  16. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    When that happens, you'll get owned. And its rUle, not rOle. -Blee get a life. Its only fair that if my summons fail, I sacrafice myself to his kills counter. your point? Ur saying he needs to get a life? ur a mod in a game he plays, i think u need a life more then he does This is not a competition between a mod and a non-mod. This is a competition between a pk-er and a summoner. And it is rp at its finest. Atmos, why not take your opinions about mods and the game in which you choose to play aside, and enjoy the game for which this is. The_antiroot is merely stating that if he fails, he will lay down his life for his summons, as that is his mission in the game. And remember, mods ARE players too.
  17. Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Iron Mary Bonney A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!
  18. Antiroot vs LuciferX

    I will be there ready to assist in seeing that this goes off smoothly without outside intervention.
  19. The Great Silver Rush

    Depending on the time slots, I will gladly assist this event.
  20. Tiny little problem...

    My server provider has blocked the game. I can get into the test server, I just cannot get into the main server. They (University) has been cutting down on use for many things, such as music downloads, porno, etc and feels that EL falls along with that apparently. And seeing that I am a student (and employee), I have no grounds for an appeal. I have talked to Ent and he stated that there is a way to get around the normal way we all log in and for me to be able to get back on line. Although this way is rather complicated. If any of you happen to know a way, please help me out, as I cannot come back without some help. I run Windows XP. Thanks.
  21. Tiny little problem...

    Thanks. I have gotten a fix for the moment via Learner. If this fix crumbles, I will try the other ways ttlanhil. For now, I am back in business. Case closed and happy gaming...Derin please lock
  22. Three word story

    depicting neon cows
  23. More in the next update

    To me, required implys that you can ATTEMPT to try it after you reached that level. Whether you succeed or not is entirely up to luck and skill. For example: I am over 16. Legally, I am required to be 16 before I can get a driver's license. But having a license does not mean I can keep the vehicle on the road, I can navigate safety to the next town, or that I wont flatten every thing that comes in my path. I may be able to journey safely to my next venture in life. I might not.
  24. Three word story

    to vomit profusely
  25. Three word story

    Tanyia told everyone