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  1. IP banned by asgnny

    The Ficus altissima or Ficus alt as we sometimes call it wont work here. But seeing that you are not into reading much--like rules, here is a picture
  2. Your personal moment of glory

    Mine would be during an invasion where I was Mortos and I dropped 20 yeti and chims on Asgnny and the_antiroot >
  3. Bag was jumped.

    Can't be 100% sure, granted. However, the cost of things to a newb are much more hard to come by than it is for a more experienced player. Not like he is not the first to post these minor discrepencies, and he surely wont be the last. Just remember, not all use English as his first language--not all know what you may be saying or understand. Its a disagreement, and most newbs do grow out of their bj'ing as they get used to the community standards. I say give the kid a break and perhaps if he did this, then he too, will probably grow out of it
  4. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    Happy anniversary EL!!! What amazes me the most is that this game was created on Valentines Day. Gee, my father gave my mother 20 lbs of salt herring on Valentines Day once, and ended up sleeping on the couch for a week. To think that Ent was able to launch a game and live to tell about it on the supposidly most romantic holiday of the year, is impressive even more. Good job.
  5. Bagjumper?

    Actually I was thinking that it would only explode if you were to try to take something out or put something into it for exchange. Therefore, you would know you are risking your life if it does explode. So someone that is just standing on it --whether they log in or whatever--can see what is in the bag, can decide if they want to chance it, but it wont explode unless it is tampered with. As for the weight limits that Piper suggested, yes, great idea. Point is, it does not reduce bagjumping, just makes bagjumping more of a skill or sport than a total profit margin. As for bagspamming, perhaps also have a risk to set the devices more than once--a chance to go off while you set more than 1. Server message: OMG!! You idiot!!! Can't you set the device correctly? <You have died.>
  6. Bagjumper?

    Better idea is to be able to make booby-bag devices thru engineering. Drop this device into your bag when you leave it for storage hauls and if anyone other than you trys to open it, it explodes. If you die and have a device on you, it automatically is dropped into the bag--regardless how many other things get dropped Perhaps even have somesort of medalion or key to make thru engineering or crafting that will allow you to get on bag and open without it exploding--making it a chance that someone can gain by bagjumping if they can afford the tools for it. Not all will be using thesedevices, thus will give the added spice to the game.
  7. Disturbed/Robin_Hood Scammers

    You are all quite right, mods have no say in this as scamming is not against the rules and if I had a rl dollar for every time this occurred, I could buy a brand new full sized truck 4x4 without using payments. However, one thing to note for the future: Anytime someone says he will sell you a character and states that you just give the money to his alt--then DO NOT go thru with it. Either way it goes, its bad news for you. If the situation is a scam, you will lose your stuff and not get the account. If its not a scam, then you are taking part in breaking rule 5 yourself as being a middleman. No character can benefit from another character of his own--therefore you cannot sell one character you made and get an alt to reap in the rewards of selling it. So regardless, either way YOU lose--as you will be locked for illegal multiplay as a middleman. Just a warning, as yes if robin_Hood gives the stuff to Disturbed (by any means) it would be multiplay, it is also multiplay if you aid in being a middleman if its not a scam. Tread lightly and mark this down as a lesson learned. Stricken, perhaps you would like to read rule 5 again. Robin_Hood cannot benefit from selling of Disturbed as he would not be able to benefit from same items without selling Disturbed. Using an alt to get ingame goods that would not be available to him for free (i.e. not selling the alt) is considered multiplay. What or if Robin_hood trades this stuff further to his other character Disturbed is not part of this debate, as frankly its not the issue. But your aiding in someone multiplaying by being a "middleman" if this was not a scam is what I am trying to educate you all on. Rule #5 is a very complex rule, thus why it is not limited to those examples.
  8. kasikas

    What I find strange is that a "newb" as per stats is in Trassian in the first place unless it is an alt that is made for purposes that may be intended for outalndish behavior. Fot this I thank you for pointing it out to us. What I find rude is how some people derail threads to get on their own personal soap box. Yes, Jez, I am referring to you. If you have a beef with someone, I suggest you not spam your beleifs here, as it is not pertainent to the topic at hand. You are familiar with PM system, so please be polite to others and use it. As for stating please, thanks, and other pleasent things, no, at this moment I dont think it would have done any good, as this "newb" is in c2 stats and looks like a fish outta water to begin with. For others that have a problem with why the silver was left, get over it. Flexus posted here what he felt he needed to. Although it is not against game rules to post, it is against community rules to bj. So enough of the "you shoulda not dropped it" excuses, as this is already assumed. Flexus is merely warning others that this person is not behaving as according to community rules.
  9. Scammer: the0ldnite

    What is so funny? nothing to me, as I have to fix this mess. No spamming allowed in game or on forums. Stop replying to your own message--it eats up bandwidth and space that other important issues may need. This is not a play toy nor a way to get a post count. All it does is highly upset the moderator of this outlaw forum--namely ME!!! So I will fix this time, but if you do this stuff again, I will delete ALL your posts and you will not have a say in the matter.
  10. Alkapone

    We do understand the concept of tricking or scamming. We just do not feel bad when those that scam others get scammed. Its the game that apparently you had started and when others gave you a similar taste of that, you yelled foul. Well, I suggest that you lick your wounds and get on with your life, live with the fact that someone else got you as good as you had gotten them previously, and show others the same respect that you are demanding here to deaf ears. Or you can keep up with your own outlandish behavior, either way it does not bother me, as it is not against any EL rules that you cannot scam. But its also not against the EL rules that we dont care when you got scammed after scamming others. Instead, its called poetic justice
  11. We need more players here

    Well targeting new players of EL to the pk server would help. Also an idea is those that have been banned for illegal multiplay that beg to get back on main, should have a choice of paying and playing on pk only. Afterall, did Australia not get established by England tossing the theives and other scoundrals to a place that they could not cause more trouble to the homeland? Just a thought.
  12. Alkapone

    http://img229.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picture2mb7.png OMG!!!! Wow, this is a screenie of you getting kicked from a guild!!!! So what? This proves nothing to you being scammed. This shows no "proof" that they are outlaws. Sounds to me like you are merely upset that someone gave you a taste of your own medicine--heaven forebid. Two wrongs do not make a right, but it does make for a great game if you are on the winning side
  13. Ive apparently been banned

    You are not the first to attempt to log into the same user account here and "claim" there is a brother/sister/dog/cat/ficus that did the wrong and are fesing up to it. I strongly suggest you fax copies of the birth certificates to Entropy proving that this is true along with a noterised letter claiming your truth. As I stated before, we have seen this song and dance before.
  14. #invasion command and warnings?

    Let's face it, some people will still not read the warnings and cry out about it. The only way they will pay attention to the warnings is if there was some way to put a hot wire with one end connected to the GIWS and the other end attached to their *private* areas to get some sort of response. We dont need more spam.
  15. Getting a Character Back

    Does not matter, but try the forum PM to Aislinn.
  16. Global Warming

    I would like to state 2 things that really cannot be argued if you understand the scientific theory behind it and the research gone into it. 1. There is global warming. So the other planets in our galaxy have it to. But seeing that we do not live on the other planets, then there is some concern. Reducing the way we use things, we can reduce some of these causes. But nothing can stop it completely. There have been ways to reduce some of this years ago, but the lobbiests for the big businesses in the US prevented some of this from taking place as they were promoting their products and the US cares more for money than the enviroment (for those that dont believe that, look at all the natural resource funding get cut every year to support whatever is the newest fad or that those working in the field of natural resources getting paid lower than you get paid working at Walmart). However, still there is a global warming. No we are not getting close to an ice age, we are looking at the opposite. I said there were 2 things that cannot be argued. Ok, here it is. Al Gore is an idiot. He always has been. Back in the 1990's when he was going to be re-elected to the second term of the white house, a guy wrote to him from Texas about the "silver eagle" that was going to be killed. Al Gore replied that he was concerned with all wildlife and the eagle was a national symbol. He would do everything in his power to stop the killing of these birds. However, the Silver Eagle was not a bird. It was a fast-nonstop Amtrak train that ran from Texas to Washington, DC. Ever since then, I have not paid any attention to Al Gore. Edit: By the way, I am a wildlife biologist in real life and have researched much of this. This is not just me jumping on a bandwagon of something I know nothing about.
  17. play this game and tackle world hunger

    Got level 50 then got sick of it, may finish it later after I finish my thesis.
  18. 2008 Presidential Candidates

    I find this rather pathetic that all the ones ranting here about the US should instead be ranting to your congressmen/women about these issues. It is fine to complain about all, but without them knowing these issues, nothing ever will be done about them. So since some of you want to rant constantly about it, you should talk to them. Oh wait, I forgot, they probably wont read it unless it is proper grammer.
  19. bob the goblin.

    Some things that you may think of as original, actually have been thought up in the past. Search is your friend. Keep that in mind. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...c=24560&hl=
  20. Ogre Spawns

    According to CEL site there are 7 spawn areas for these mobs. And there are several other mobs that are roughly around that level to fight. I suggest to go explore more and to fight other things as well. We cannot simply toss in more mobs to suit your personal needs, as there needs to be room to add other things as well. Remember, we do have several newer mobs to fight, so each of them take space as well. I seriously doubt this suggestion will be done as the reasoning has very little merit.
  21. New playable race unveiled!

    I just want to ask this, if they fish for their food, will the fish have a cool down, as the fish are most likely cooled down just by where they are caught. They are sort of a frozen dinner
  22. Kill the post above

    Why yes, he is possible to *beat* in a way
  23. Kill the post above

    btw, I burned this myself >
  24. How fast r y00?

  25. Kill the post above

    And this pwnz0rz(ed) joo