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  1. Server Crash?

    Not again...
  2. Server Crash?

    I seem to remember a few years back there was a some serious problems with the net connection to the server. Lets hope its just a temporary thing.
  3. Vista

    Not going to run Vista if i dont absolutely need to. XP and Win2k3 will probably work for me for many years to come, and i will be looking into switching to Linux and/or BSD rather then Vista.
  4. No Drop Day

    Nah, and you were on TS pots to i belive... Damn im really a worthless fighter.
  5. No Drop Day

    Lies!! Ebul Lies! Stop photoshopping! Anyway, great day! Had some really fun fights. There were witnesses! My dog ate all my HE, i couldnt restore!
  6. No Drop Day

    Lies!! Ebul Lies! Stop photoshopping! Anyway, great day! Had some really fun fights.
  7. Jay10 scamms

    Yesterday i saw many times that etland pulled swords on and/or poisoned people he/she had agreed to "pvp". Could it be that jay10 was one off those people and got pissed off maybe? Sorry, i know this is not 100% on topic, but i think it may be something to consider. Still, if you had agreed with him that he should not use armour/sword/whatever it is still dishonorable from his side.
  8. server down?

    *reads thread* Arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Need EL.... NOW *Goes insane and wanders of looking for tree mushrooms*
  9. Today's "Little" Invasion

    Best invasion so far. Not that i can do much in an invasion, but its fun anyway.
  10. New leather-iron armor

    Oh, your right on that. But the chainmail were primairily designed to protect against cutting edges, being more easily peirced by sharp points such as arrows/spears and swordtips. Now i think thats enough offtopic from me for now.
  11. New leather-iron armor

    That looks great! Should give some protection against missile weapons to? Btw, something i noticed the other day is that chainmail have missile protection, but iron plate does not? To my knowledge chainmail offer very bad protection against missile weapons, while iron plate would offer great protection against most missiles. Anyway, keep up the good work!
  12. EL server running on Diesel

    Who needs a life when you have EL?
  13. Connection Problems

    To spend some time i went spiderhunting in my room, found some but they are hard to hit becouse they are so small. EL spiders are in a much better size. *Note to self: do not attack tiny spiders with sword in small room, risk of damaging furniture* Well, one thay when im not AFRL wont kill me.
  14. Connection Problems

    This sucks, i hate being AFRL.
  15. Crashed?

    Dead as a stone here...