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  1. Stewie, come back and play if you want to, just don’t let it stress you out.
  2. Been some time since i was in a guild, but: #jc guild then ctrl-click compass
  3. If anything is being added to #ach info, don’t forget the Luxin daily counter!
  4. Holy shit that’s organised!
  5. I would really like to see Luxin counter as part of #ach output as well. Having him ask before giving you the powerup would be nice as well. I often click to take a harv powerup then click again thinking I'll get another harv powerup but of course I wind up taking a manu powerup instead. At least i end up saving the ings on an FE crit fail or something low like that According to the update note http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59937each manu powerup subtracts 2 Daritha and 2 Luxin dailies from the respective counter. What can catch people out is that you need a minimum of 5 (I could be off on that qty) on your counters to be eligible. The next time i grab two or more of those powerups I will try and remember to check those quantities are still correct.
  6. Quest logs

    In the Finder, press Command Shift G and paste the path: ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands that should get you there. Back up everything in that folder just in case, but as with LittleLooter I dont expect you'll have any issues.
  7. If anyone is in need of an extra gc sink, please keep my storage in mind. When i have enough i'll happily remove it from the game at an npc of my choosing
  8. Selling Storage

    Weapons: 5 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 10.7kgc ea (buying some or all) Books: 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Thermal 8kgc
  9. new server

    Thanks. I forgot to mention that. Although i'm still waiting after 6+ hrs. i guess dns chages here are as bad as our ping times
  10. new server

    If all else fails, try editing servers.lst in the el game folder. On the first line that does NOT start with a '#', the one that starts with 'main' change: game.eternal-lands.com to: That's the only reason i'm playing right now. dns changes seem to take their time to trickle into Australia it seems.
  11. Hurquin

    You are in Hurquin [85,54] --- Hurquin main (outside) map That coord is within the walls of the tavern, not reachable by walking, and you cannot leave that spot without #beam/ring/tpr/ttr. Not sure if a teleport nexus event can deposit you here; this spot was found thanks to a helpful invaded Grizzly Bear that managed to spawn here and was not killable via melee/range. If this was already documented somewhere, apologies, i couldn’t find it.