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    I luv to play computer games and my Xbox live.


    Ok i have question. How come its ok for someone to have the name (alchemist). What about the guy with the name (LoL) isnt that an abrevation. Wich is against the rules. My name is not against any rules but its still blocked. Whats the difference between a guy called ALCHEMIST and HARVESTER? I have had no replys.
  3. What is better

    Its nice to see so many differnt out looks on this topic. Me personal dont know which i would prefer. Think i might run
  4. What is better

    Which one is better to use. Magic and summoning used to attack or sword combat? Or for the new guy aproch. Run like heck.
  5. Purple Dragon and Wraith?

    The Wraith is very good and the pic of the dragon you made fit nicely in the pic. It blends in like it belonged there. Very good work

    OK back to my account. Plz Let me know something Learner not trying to be a pest or anything just trying to work something out.

    Lol sorry waz woundering where it went. then i relized what you where talking about i coundnt change it. So i got the Whale

    Ok i figured it out and thanks for letting me know guys. Dont wanna get in any more trouble around here.

    Iam sorry i am still new to this all. It is of my appologies agiin. Also i am a bad speller Is my pic Avatar ok

    I dont want to use a Different name and should not have to there is no rules that state i can not use any names like that. just because its a Mule name. And who are you 2 decide i am doing something wroung. You can not punish someone that has not broken rules. It is not fair. And 2 learn work with me a lil. If i have to change my name for doing nothing wroung. Then will you plz give me my stats and inventroy on another guy. Plz i had a cape and levels i should not have to replace. If i would have known that name would be such a problem then i would have never got it.
  11. Sgtslaughter

    He is a very mean guy. Stole 40 magic ess and 40 health ess. Waz healing everyone at beam and got lagged out came back and he toke and laughed at me. Said i could not have back. PK him if you can

    I understand this but i have gave my resons for the name. And i feel they are just. And i understand that the Moderators are gust trying to look after the game but there is no rule about or aginst any names like that. I am not a muleing guy. I just like the name. I get jobs more. I mean if you seee a guy with my name HARVESTER you going to ask him if he wants a harvesting job if thats what your looking for. It just sticks out. Its esay to rember so someone sees me one day and another day he needs me its not hard to rember my name. Becuse its the name of what hes needing me to do. I have not done anything wroung but pick a name that breaks no rules. Just let me play my guy watch him watch what i do i make my own money and busted my bum doing it. i am not trying to cause any problems i just feel i am being treated unfairly. I am basicaly being acused of something for a name. And where does it say in the rules if a MOD sees a suspicious name they will lock it what is considered suspicious.

    207886[/snapback] I understand that rule but that rule has no meaning to the name HARVESTER. My name is not one of these.It is not obscene, vulgar, profane, offensive, is utterly senseless and stupid or made with the intent of impersonation. My name is a pronouncable word. My name is not abbreviations, initials, or random letters; with or without numbers attached. Now for this.(Take into consideration that the name you choose does affect the atmosphere of the game. Inappropriate names can and will be locked no matter how much time you have spent in the game.) I do agree with that. But will you plz explain how the name Harvester can cause any of this and how is it INAPPROPRIATE? If that can be done then ok block my guy but come on i am just a player with a name of a SKILL.

    Learner you are wrong. You have blocked my guy cuss of a name what kinda crap is that. That is not a mule name it is my guys best skill. Thats what i do i want to be a cobat and harvesting guy. I want people to see my name in game and ask me if i want a harvesting job. That waz the point in the name. I feel you have wrounged me Learner. How can you say then use a different name. Just because you dont liike it. Its Harvester for gods sake. This is redicules. I ok so if i descide to be called FlowerPicker you going to block me 2 what about Hunter is that wroung 2. Dude i dont know what you have against me but i feel you are ABUSEing your abilitys on this game. I know who you are and i know you are an impotant asset to game. I just dont understand your actions. So your saying the only thing i am guilt of is haveing the name HARVESTER. If you can show me a rule that makes that name Wroung then ok if not i feel i deserve to have my guy unlocked. I have not broke a rule so how can you punishe me cuss you dont like the name. Its not like its a bad name. This is kinda funny that someoen like you would jump on me cuss of a name. Your suposed to uphold the rules and punish the ones that break them. Not the ones that did nothing wroung.

    This is kinda sad that who ever blocked me wont even say anything about it. I just want to play my guy i am not doing any thing wroung. I have one guy i am building to do summons and magic. And my harvester is going to be a combat guy. Just trying to see wich will be stornger. As long as my guys are not interacting with each other i dont see the problem. Check you records on logins and my guys have not been on at the same time so what is wroung with haveing 2 guys. The MOD Ghrea said that it is not aginst the rules to have 2 guys as long as there not on at the same time and there not enteracting with each other. Sorry if i spelled your name wrong Ghrea. Plz who ever blocked me talk to me and let me know my wrong full acctions. I luve to play this game but have not much latley scince the block i dont wanna do something to get my other guy blocked. Exspecialy scince i dont know what i did. Then i dont know what to stop doing. SORRY FOR WHAT EVER I DID TO UPSET YOU. And i am not screaming i am PLEEDING. Thanks for your time plz just let me know what i did. Thanks agin.