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    The state of confusion...
  1. El Hats

    Or maybe one of the colors could be a bit more feminine for the female players. Perhaps a white or off-white? I'd really like one in a lighter color.
  2. Avatar

    Wow Vart...how many kitties have you single handedly destroyed???? lol
  3. Corpus Opis

    *still trying to figure out what a person's sexual orientation has to do with any of this* Hey! Is that Sean Connery?????? :wink:
  4. Corpus Opis

    ROFLMAO!!!! Is IzPonk picking a fight with crus???? OMFG! Please....crus....take him on when both have equal equip....and wait til I'm online!!! I want to see how quickly he dies. :twisted:

    Vart made mine.
  6. Girly girls heh heh

    I dunno....the gigantic boobs are pretty telling.....
  7. Rat problems

    Really? roflmao...cool
  8. myotonic dystrophy/Reality

    myotonic: pertains to tonic muscular spasm, as differentiated from myokinetic spasm myotonic dystrophica: A hereditary disease characterized by muscular sating, myotonia, and cataract Also called myotonic atrophica or Steinert's disease. From Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 18th Edition
  9. Flower levels

    chrysanthemums-level 2 asiatic lillies-level 8 dunno the others..... :?
  10. So only newbies benefit...? Not fair. It's good the way it is.
  11. You can also use insert/delete to turn your character around. You can face north this way if you like. Or south, or east, or west......or southeast....etc.... :lol:
  12. Gem Rocks

    I harvest rubies already....
  13. Magic

    As far as it being too expensive....make your essences. Increases your alch level and costs very little money, if any.
  14. Big balls!!!

    duuuhhh, Mike. I told you it was AC/DC while you were singing it to Hazor in chat.... :roll:
  15. I think I'd room with Sativa.... We'd have a girly party house.