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  1. New Break Rate

    lol thats some next level of donnage right there!
  2. brod lol

    damn id hate to say it but you got donned :/
  3. Non-PK Server

    i aint joking,i aint lying and i aint even exagurating but i just gotta say that thise is the dumbest suggestion ever made on this game or any other game. no offence but common how are you gonna make a suggestion like this ?
  4. New Break Rate

    sum1 should declare you retarded. that idea is just a joke. maybe tell us what ur smoking? kk? ty. these break rates as it is will probly make more ppl reset with training builds instead of PK, and i for 1 would be one of them. although now ppl have been saying that even good astro your armor breaks? does this not destroy the idea of breakage astro? ~bk easy!! trynna call me retarded ? are you dumb trynna insult me just because you be living over seas and got monitor protecting your face. what you trynna do get some attention from people by trying to diss me or something ? so thats how you trynna get noticed yeah ?
  5. New Break Rate

    damn, i dont think we should get new forumlas since this formula is great and i also think that all mobs should have 2 percent chance to brod players and the best idea of all is have rabbits have 4 percent chance to bod players
  6. New Break Rate

    omg i love this, now i dont have to brod to watch people cry over broken shit. i love that ent made that everyone stuff gonna break edit: oh and i think the breakage of stuff should be increased double more than it is now
  7. New limited PK level maps/areas

    i remember how live pk used to be but after limited arenas pk aint been the same since and pk is now dead like about 90 percent of the time and everyone is always saying so. so i dont see it being a good idea to add more limitations and arenas because in my opinion things can only get worse
  8. My PvP partner summoned at me :|

    hahahahaha!!! shame!!! hahahaha! i wouldnt do what he did to you but i sure do find it funny if you dont like what he did to you simply just start training and get him back. seeing vanyels post it does seem that you did diserve what you got
  9. selling 80k chrysanthemum

    basicaly selling 80k chrysanthemum for 40k. anyone thats intrested whisper Spit2Kill on the game.