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  1. Is taking death bags considered "dispute'ish"?

    Finally this "deathbags are sacred" taboo has died!
  2. The Greatest EL Player

  3. Swearing in forum and game

    But, but... that would be reasonable....
  4. Swearing in forum and game

    I personally think that people that never swear at all are just as bad as people who swear all the time. It feels unnatural. This reminds me of a seminar I attended to at university, where a Nokia manager was talking about his company and management in general. It was very boring and technical stuff with lots of business words like "proactive" and such. At a certain point, he used a curse word and all of us laughed, and right after this break on the monotony we were more focused on his lecture. It was a very good use of swearing. Even though it was a very dirty Portuguese expression, it didn't feel offending, but humorous instead. Then he realized this positive reaction and started to squeeze a curse in almost every sentence. It completely ruined the speech. It felt like he was struggling to capture our attention. It was embarassing.
  5. funny..

    ROFL! Serp comes from tit serp sword, not "usurp"
  6. Man (player) eating leopard

    Excellent idea!
  7. 5% chance of being poisoned? I don't think so!

    I'm taking a screenshot of this thread.
  8. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    And the conclusion is: there is no issue to be addressed regarding this subject.
  9. PK server

    Full PK and awful costumer service? You just described 99% of Korean MMOs.
  10. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    go back to the kitchen
  11. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    How about let people enjoy the game the way they want to? Geez.
  12. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    Remember that the items aren't real.
  13. If I wasn't banned from the game I'd join
  14. Method of redistributing some attributes and nexuses

    So you think someone that has more money is automatically a better person than someone that has less money? I am surprised, but somehow I think I shouldn't be...
  15. Break rates

    Oh God, please no!