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  1. 100k Silver Ore Auction

  2. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    200k AlpAslaN in game.
  3. Auction

    315k AlpAslaN in game.
  4. Auction OSOMN

    700k AlpAslaN in game.
  5. Auction LEs & ELEs

    260k for les. AlpAslaN in game.
  6. Large quanity harvest shop

    25k silver ore ...50kgc ty! AlpAslaN in game.
  7. Monster Magnetism removal Auction

    Auciton for 1 Monster Magnetism Removal Stone Start Bid: 300k Buy now price: 500k Goodluck, AlperTunga!
  8. The TURK Guild are bag jumpers

    hi all, i m Alpertunga gm of turk guild. I play this game since 5 years or so and playing with honest except bagjumpers, spawm serpers, who use insulting language to me or my guildies. Fancy and his friends, guildies always do all these things. Guildies and some friends from other guilds complain same things about them. So i dont want to be a goodperson anymore to these kind of players. There s a good word in law for this ; Kısasa Kısas = An Eye For An Eye! ty
  9. 50k for antisocial removal stone. (AlperTunga)
  10. 20 days ago i posted to whitelist section for whitelisting my char 'Alparslan' . But no one answer me about that. As i said before i didnt do anything wrong in game but cause of other damn turkish players i cant log in cause of turkish national ban. i just need an answer for that. pls excuse me for wrong section but i really play this game, have lots of friends till 2 years. thank you...
  11. selling storage

    wow well done belo u re great:) in turkish 'helal olsun sana'