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  1. Take back the market!

    That is a very nice idea forever. I'm sure you made many players happy. However, in order to find out the real value of items, a very big and very public table must be made: 1. Make a list of all the very basic ingredients in the game - all harvestables (ores, minerals, flowers), and all the basic items you can buy from NPCs in order to make items, but can't make yourself (mostly tools, like looms and sanding papers). Do not include any items you can make. The price for rare items (like stones), must be taken from the market itself. 2. Get the price range for each of those items. Some of those items can be bought or sold to and from NPCs, so that should be their price range. For example, silver ore can be bought at 10gc and sold for 1gc, so the price per 1 silver ore should always be between 1 and 10 gc. Those prices must be updated from time to time based on the status of the market (supply and demand). 3. Now that you know the real value of each of those basic ingredients, add to the table all the other items in the game (all the items you can manufacture), and calculate their value (cost of the basic ingredients + cost of food + a small profit for the time spent). Start with essences and bars, and work your way up to the high level items in the game (adding the cost of the ingredients + food + time). This should give a fair estimate as to the real value of the items in the game. This table MUST be made public (as a file, or even as a bot, like trinitybot) , so people would know how much each item is really worth, and won't overpay for it (which ruins the economy). I actually made such a table a few years ago, but there have been many changes, and many items were added to the game, so a new table must be created. I would actually make it myself, but I simple don't have the time.
  2. NMT idea

    I don't like the idea of breakable NTM cloak. My points are: 1. I agree with Elveron - - high level players enjoyed that cape that protected their equipment, and now, after years of playing, I want and need one (I finally got my a/d to good levels), and I have good equipment (which I had to work hard to get), you're going to make it breakable. 2. Some people might think 1/40K is a very low chance of breakage, but consider this - how many hits are you taking each time you train? Some players get hit 15 times before they kill a creature, so that's 1 cape for every 2667 creatures (40,000/15). If you train by attacking, fleeing and attacking again, you get hit a lot by the same creature. For example, If you get hit 100 times by the same creature, that means that after every 400 creature you attack, the cape will break (40,000/100). If you get hit 1000 times by the same creature, it would only takes 40 creatures to break hit. 3. Only high level creatures drop this cape. However, the players which can fight those high level creatures probably already have the cape. If the cape is made breakable, they will probably want to save a few capes for themselves (instead of just one), and not sell it to people who need it. This would also cause the price of the cape to raise (even if the drop rate is increased). I know it's Entropy's call, and he'll probably going to implement that idea, so I would like to suggest an alternative idea for the breakable NMT cloak(I hope it's OK): A. make the NMT cloak breakable (maybe even at a higher rate). B. Don't make a degraded version. C. Lower the drop rate of the NMT cloak. D. Make the NMT cloak manufacturable. However, it won't require only one skill to to make. Instead, make it a combination of a few skills - tailoring (to make the cloak), magic (to enchant the cloak), and maybe even other skills like manufacturing (to make the frame for the cloak) and crafting (to add some gems or something to the cloak). You may instead want to make some parts of the cloak come from monster drops (some from low level creatures, others from high level creatures) and some from NPCs (those would cost gc), and still require tailoring or magic skill to combine the parts. E. You could still sell the original, non breakable version of the cloak from your shop. This idea would create more work for the players (to make the parts) or require more fighting (if you decide to make creatures drop the parts). In any case, it will prevent one "class" (fighters) from controling the NMT market. If will also make sure there would be enough of those cloaks in the market for players who need them. This is my idea.
  3. Help me compile the client!

    Hello. This is the first time I've tried to compile the client. I've followed the instructions for DEV-C++, but I'm still having some problems. I'm getting this errors: Compiler: Default compiler Building Makefile: "D:\EL-CVS\Makefile.win" Executing make... make.exe -f "D:\EL-CVS\Makefile.win" all gcc.exe -c elc/actor_scripts.c -o elc/actor_scripts.o -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/SDL" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/AL" elc/actor_scripts.c: In function `update_all_actors': elc/actor_scripts.c:1327: error: `resync_server' undeclared (first use in this function) elc/actor_scripts.c:1327: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once elc/actor_scripts.c:1327: error: for each function it appears in.) elc/actor_scripts.c: In function `add_command_to_actor': elc/actor_scripts.c:1392: error: `cant_add_command' undeclared (first use in this function) elc/actor_scripts.c: In function `get_actor_damage': elc/actor_scripts.c:1698: error: `floatingmessages_enabled' undeclared (first use in this function) elc/actor_scripts.c: In function `get_actor_heal': elc/actor_scripts.c:1743: error: `floatingmessages_enabled' undeclared (first use in this function) make.exe: *** [elc/actor_scripts.o] Error 1 Execution terminated From searching the forums, understand that 'resync_server' and 'cant_add_command' are defined in translate.h, and it is included in the project (I even tried to manually #include "translate.h" in main.c), but I'm still getting those errors. I have no idea where 'floatingmessages_enabled' comes from. I have downloaded the CVS and repeated the processes several times , and I keep getting those errors. I must be doing something wrong. Can you help me locate the problem? Thank you Edit: After several tries, and another installation of DEV-C++, and some help from a guild member, I managed to compile the client. However, if I try to change the Makefile.win file to change the output exe file to this (taken from your guide, "Option 3"): $(EXE): main.o $(TMP_LIB) windres elc_private.rc elc_private.o $(LINK) $(CFLAGS) $< -L. -lelc $(LDFLAGS) elc_private.o -o $(EXE) strip -s $(EXE) I get this error: 133 D:\EL-CVS\elc\Makefile.win *** missing separator. Stop. This is caused by the second line (windres elc_private.rc elc_private.o). If I try this option: $(EXE): main.o $(TMP_LIB) $(LINK) $(CFLAGS) $< -L. -lelc $(LDFLAGS) -o $(EXE) strip -s $(EXE) I sometime get this error: Compiler: Default compiler Executing make... make.exe -f "Makefile.win" all gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -MM 2d_objects.c 3d_objects.c actor_scripts.c actors.c alphamap.c asc.c astrology.c bbox_tree.c books.c buddy.c buffs.c bags.c cache.c cal.c calc.c chat.c cluster.c colors.c console.c consolewin.c counters.c cursors.c dds.c ddsimage.c dialogues.c draw_scene.c eye_candy_debugwin.c elconfig.c elwindows.c encyclopedia.c errors.c events.c filter.c font.c framebuffer.c frustum.c gamewin.c gl_init.c hud.c help.c highlight.c ignore.c init.c interface.c items.c io/e3d_io.c io/elc_io.c io/map_io.c io/elpathwrapper.c io/xmlcallbacks.c io/half.c io/normal.c keys.c knowledge.c langselwin.c lights.c list.c load_gl_extensions.c loginwin.c loading_win.c main.c manufacture.c map.c mapwin.c md5.c mines.c minimap.c misc.c missiles.c multiplayer.c new_actors.c new_character.c notepad.c openingwin.c particles.c paste.c pathfinder.c pm_log.c questlog.c queue.c reflection.c rules.c skeletons.c skills.c serverpopup.c servers.c session.c shadows.c sound.c spells.c stats.c storage.c special_effects.c tabs.c text.c textures.c tile_map.c timers.c translate.c trade.c update.c url.c weather.c widgets.c makeargv.c popup.c sky.c text_aliases.c shader/noise.c shader/shader.c >.depend g++ -march=i686 -Wall -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -MM cal3d_wrapper.cpp actor_init.cpp optimizer.cpp sendvideoinfo.cpp exceptions/extendedexception.cpp xml/xmlhelper.cpp io/elfilewrapper.cpp io/elfile.cpp io/zipfilesystem.cpp eye_candy_wrapper.cpp eye_candy/eye_candy.cpp eye_candy/math_cache.cpp eye_candy/effect_lamp.cpp eye_candy/effect_candle.cpp eye_candy/effect_campfire.cpp eye_candy/effect_fountain.cpp eye_candy/effect_teleporter.cpp eye_candy/effect_firefly.cpp eye_candy/effect_sword.cpp eye_candy/effect_summon.cpp eye_candy/effect_selfmagic.cpp eye_candy/effect_targetmagic.cpp eye_candy/effect_ongoing.cpp eye_candy/effect_impact.cpp eye_candy/effect_smoke.cpp eye_candy/effect_bag.cpp eye_candy/effect_cloud.cpp eye_candy/effect_harvesting.cpp eye_candy/effect_wind.cpp eye_candy/effect_breath.cpp eye_candy/effect_glow.cpp eye_candy/effect_mines.cpp eye_candy/effect_missile.cpp eye_candy/orbital_mover.cpp eye_candy/kepler_orbit.cpp eye_candy/effect_staff.cpp context_menu.cpp select.cpp user_menus.cpp >>.depend gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o main.o main.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o 2d_objects.o 2d_objects.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o 3d_objects.o 3d_objects.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o actor_scripts.o actor_scripts.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o actors.o actors.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o alphamap.o alphamap.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o asc.o asc.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o astrology.o astrology.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o bbox_tree.o bbox_tree.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o books.o books.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o buddy.o buddy.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o buffs.o buffs.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o bags.o bags.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o cache.o cache.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o cal.o cal.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o calc.o calc.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o chat.o chat.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o cluster.o cluster.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o colors.o colors.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o console.o console.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o consolewin.o consolewin.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o counters.o counters.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o cursors.o cursors.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o dds.o dds.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o ddsimage.o ddsimage.c ddsimage.c:459:2: warning: no newline at end of file gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o dialogues.o dialogues.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o draw_scene.o draw_scene.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o eye_candy_debugwin.o eye_candy_debugwin.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o elconfig.o elconfig.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o elwindows.o elwindows.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o encyclopedia.o encyclopedia.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o errors.o errors.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o events.o events.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o filter.o filter.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o font.o font.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o framebuffer.o framebuffer.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o frustum.o frustum.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o gamewin.o gamewin.c gcc -march=i686 -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -O0 -ggdb -pipe -DWINDOWS -DELC -mwindows -DATTACHED_ACTORS -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DCONTEXT_MENUS -DCUSTOM_LOOK -DCUSTOM_UPDATE -DFUZZY_PATHS -DMINIMAP2 -DNEW_CAMERA_MOTION -DNEW_SELECTION -DNEW_SOUND -DNEW_TEX -DNEW_WEATHER -DPNG_SCREENSHOT -DSKY_FPV -DTEXT_ALIASES -DUSE_INLINE -DUSE_SHADER -DVARIABLE_SPEED -DZLIB -DUSER_MENUS -DBANDWIDTH_SAVINGS -fno-strict-aliasing -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL -c -o gl_init.o gl_init.c gl_init.c: In function `setup_video_mode': gl_init.c:127: warning: implicit declaration of function `MonitorFromWindow' gl_init.c:127: error: `MONITOR_DEFAULTTOPRIMARY' undeclared (first use in this function) gl_init.c:127: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once gl_init.c:127: error: for each function it appears in.) gl_init.c:127: warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast make.exe: *** [gl_init.o] Error 1 Execution terminated This is not critical, but it doesn't work (it would nice to have a smaller exe file, and have the exe file use the EL icon).
  4. New engine test 2

    It seems to work fine @ 60 fps at most settings. The only problem I saw was exiting from full screen mode using the ESC key - it causes a crash. Video card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.0.0 Edit: I've updated to the latest drivers, but it didn't help.
  5. New engine test (terrain)

    Works fine @60 fps. Video card: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1
  6. New special day, will you use it?

    If I'll find an item which is cheap to make (I need to check the cost of all the items I can make) and gives good experience, I might use the schools on a X3 exp day. The question should be - how many people use the schools now? I don't think many do, because the cost of the ingredients is just too high compared to the experience you get (at least for most items).
  7. Mini Harv Events

    So, as I understand it, now there are 2 problems: 1. Too much stuff is sold to NPCs, which causes a lot of money to enter the game. 2. There are people who harvest stuff and then give it to other players, which, in return, give them real money ($$$) - AKA the gold farmers problem. Here are my solutions: The gold farmers problem: Monitor all trades and drops the player do - write a code that checks if someone gives a large quantity of items (over 5K for example)/valuables items (over 50Kgc) to another player with no return, or if some just "drops" some items on the ground and some one else just "happens" to pick it up. In such case, just pause the transfer (remove the items from the game and store the transfer information), until you can review it. If you're sure it's a transfer of goods for real money, delete both characters. If you're not sure, ask both players - if you're satisfied, resume the transfer. If not, just don't return the items. The income from NPCs problem: A. Like I posted here before, I think all the skills should be balanced in such a way that for the same level, and the same amount of time, you can earn the same amount of money. This way everyone would be able to do whatever they want, and still get their fair cut. This would make sure no one is richer than anyone else, so money would mean less for everyone. B. Add more items to the game that most players would want. The Harvester Medallion is a good example, but it difficult to make (too much time is needed to get all the ingredients, and the required skills levels are too high). I think you should add 2 types of items to the game: 1. Items everyone would want, but only players would be able to buy. Those items would be easy to make (it won't take too much time to make them, they won't require high level items, and they won't require high skills levels). Those items would probably have high breakage rates, but not high enough to make them useless (like the older versions of the Harvester Medallion). A few examples: rings/medallions which would add 5-10 health/mana, a helm which would allow you to see better in the dark, a sword which would regenerate 1 extra health each minute, and so on. Those items won't change the "balance of powers" in the game significantly, but most people would want them. 2. Same thing - items everyone would want, but only NPCs would sell. Those items would probably cost a little more (but still affordable by most players). Those items would take money out of the game, again without significantly changing the balance of powers. For example: an item that would give you an extra 20 EMU, a bag which would allow you to carry 5-10 items inside it, a staff which would give 10-15 more mana, and so on. Both types of suggested items won't bring any new money to the game, only make sure people would trade items between themselves, or removing it from the game. That's my idea.
  8. Mini Harv Events

    1. Radu said more than once that the CoL was never meant to help in harvesting. 2. It might be a good idea - if you don't have the experience to harvest something, you might get hurt, just like in fighting - if you don't have the a/d, you'll get hurt. 1. You can go harvest flowers naked, just as you can kill rabbits naked. 2. To fight something you don't need to read a book, to be able to harvest some metals and minerals you need books. 3. Some harvestables require alot of investment (hydro, wolfram, tin, copper, seridium, dvarium...), just as some creatures require you to bring HEs and SR potions. 4. When you buy an item to support your skill (cloaks and pickaxes, or armor and weapons), it shouldn't be counted in the total cost, as it is used more than once.
  9. Mini Harv Events

    From what I read here, I understand Entropy thinks that fighting and harvesting should be the same - both should be a non-AFK activities. That seems fair. I say take it a step further - make sure that for the same amount of time, both a player with harvest level X and a fighter with levels X in a/d, get the same exp and the same amount of profit. That way no one can complain - you spend X amount of time playing, you get Y amount of experience, no matter if you're harvesting or fighting. I suggest you divide the harvestables in the game based on the required harvest level, and do the same for all the creatures based on the required attack and defense levels. Then calculate how much profit and exp you can make if you spend 1 hour doing each activity: For a certain harvestable, check the amount of money you can get by selling it (probably to a NPC). For a certain creature - see how much you get in gc drops and add the amount of money you can gain by selling the other drops. Balance things as needed - raise/lower the prices given by the NPCs or raise/lower the amount of drops. Then repeat for the experience - raise/lower the experience given by harvesting or fighting as needed to make things balanced. You may also want to limit players to do things up to their level. This can be done the same way it was done with the magic skill (if you don't have the level, you can't cast the spell at all), or by discouraging the players harvesting/fighting out of their range (lower exp, lower drops, more interferences).
  10. Mini Harv Events

    Today was the first time I've heard about those "gold farmers" - I had no idea there were people that harvested items, and then sold them to people for real money. If adding events every few seconds while harvesting is the way to stop them, I say - put such an event each time you harvest sometime (if they are all positive, put 2). I know, it annoying having to be active while mining instead of being AFK (I hated those events when I first so them today), but for now, it seems like a good idea. Also, let not forget - it's basically free money and exp, so that can't be bad. In the long term, this would only help the game: 1. Basic ingredients prices would go up, and so all the items prices would go up as well, so manufacturers would be able to make a profit in this game (I have no idea how the economy in this game got messed up so badly, so the more work you put in, the less profit you get). 2. The owners would be able to sell harvestables from the shop, as I'm sure the "gold farmers" would raise their prices. So more profit for the game's owner, which would lead to a better game (maybe they could hire people to make new creatures and item, maybe even new maps, or even a new continent), which means we are all going to win.
  11. Wondering about this

    There are a few items in the game which have no use at this moment. They were probably forgotten over the years, and maybe one day they would be removed or get a function of some sort. Since it's far more important to add new stuff to the game then to remove old. unused items, I don't think a "clean-up" of the game will be done soon, so I hardly think you could make a profit from selling those skins.
  12. Be your own pet

    I have an idea - how about making a class-specific creatures? I know that officially there are no classes in this game, but in fact there are, so why not have a few creatures for each class, limiting the range of selection by the nexuses you have: animal nexus - the higher the nexus, the more time you can stay in the polymorphed state. inorganic nexus - the higher the nexus, the better the EMU of the creature you can turn into, or it allow you to turn to a better creature of this type (mule class). magic nexus - allow for better magic creatures. vegetal nexus - the higher the nexus, the less food the creature would require. artificial nexus - not sure about this, but maybe it should be used to allow creatures' specific items. human nexus - the higher the nexus, the faster your character would want to return to human form, so it's basically the opposite of the animal nexus. I know this seems like an anti high level players idea, but I don't think anyone would want to see uber creatures (maybe even dragons) running around all day long, killing all the normal creatures in the game. To balance this, maybe the time you can stay in the polymorphed state would be longer in PK areas (20-50% more than in normal maps). Just an idea.
  13. Be your own pet

    What will happen to equipped items? I'm guessing most creatures won't be able to use armor or weapons. Would it be dropped or moved to your inventory? Other than used for a specific goal (carry extra EMU or used as a spy), would the creature be able to do something extra, which would allow to advance the main character?
  14. PK poll

    I chose never. I don't PK because: 1. It's not nice to kill other people and take their stuff... 2. My p/c is too low - I rather spend my ppt on other things. 3. I can't afford losing my expensive items (an iron set and a COL are my best items). 4. I can't take the chance of breaking my expensive items. 5. PK was never my goal when I started playing this game. Other, minor reasons: 6. Even if I will be able to overpower some players, there will always be someone stronger who can kill me... 7. The "good" PK maps have high level monsters which I can't handle. 8. Training on monsters will probably give better exp and drops than PKing, so it's not time-effective. 9. I simply don't care about PKing.
  15. Pre RC 10

    UVP: 1