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  1. Destruction skill

    Hey, I have been searching for a post like it. But didnt find, sry if I missed it. I was thinking about all those stuff in my storage that I dont use, and probably never will. It would be nice with a skill that break a thing into pieces. With a % for every ingread combination with the DestructionSkill and the skill it takes to make the thing. Example: 1 ELE have 1 EnrichmentStone and 100 LE. And then the skill of Alch and Destruct work together in the chance for every ingreads to get saved. Or if u make Leather helmets for training Manu, then u can destruct and make and destruct and so on to train more skills. EDIT: I like skills that are hard. so I dont suggest a 100% profit... if u realy good at it maybe u get 75% profit.
  2. EDIT: Solved my own problem... so this post is deleted thx Mortsllehm
  3. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    1. I want to participate 2. mortsllehm 3. tricky question *looking down* I am male \o/
  4. Buying steel bars

    I got over 400k gc and will spend all on steel bars. so as long as I got money keep selling me. 49 gc each I pay.
  5. 100 Steel Two-Edged Swords

    I take them for 92k. try to catch me ingame... I am alot afk :/ or give me your ingame name and I catch u
  6. EL 170 Pre RC

    I got a realy flower power experience when I tried to change the resolution, still flower power when I tried to change it back. restarting the client did fix the new resolution. win XP sp2 P4 3GHz NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE anything else needed? BTW. minimap realy was a nice change
  7. ^P^

    wohooooo gl with the guild "chaka Khan" (www.chakakhan.com)
  8. I buy white tiger fur and LE

    I need alot stuff for tiger sum stones. LE and white tiger furs. PM me in game or post here, thx PS. I am alot afk... so if I dont talk, just try it again 1 hour later
  9. Client crash while changing maps...

    not only when u change maps. it also happens when u use a secret or a teleporter(havnt tried the teleporter, but I guess they work as secrets) into the same map. (I got the linux ver)
  10. Make tailoring clothes weightless

    if something should be weightless, it should be air essence
  11. Alch Pr0

    how about 4k more LE to me?
  12. Alch Pr0

    2k LE pls... or can I do a double order on essence... 4k then
  13. Alch Pr0

    2k LE pls... I save up 8k gc for u
  14. buying LE

    got 20k LE... now I need to get more money. I change thread when I want more thx
  15. buying LE

    I buy LE at 4.5 gc each PM me, post here or just send me a gossip I will be offline for 2 hours or so after this post (so start gossip me )