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  1. KillBot Arena Event

    lol Prohibited corpus will kill ya in 1 hit and if you wear all super gear togeter he will do it in 2 hits
  2. The Greatest EL Player

    mikeh ! you still playing ? or just reading the forum ?
  3. KillBot Arena Event

    yeah corpus is pure ownage
  4. The Greatest EL Player

    i voted for crus becourse i dont vote for my self
  5. The Greatest EL Player

    *cough* Ent made some rules for me like the 10 sec rule for pking.
  6. Selling.

    lol Batman ! Wait till he found Joker
  7. Dekke aka Macca

    please close and delete this topic....
  8. there arnt that much stones so lets wait first. so i can build a pro char
  9. Corpus Opis

    jasonx is a old co member
  10. First summoned fluff \o/

    whehe nice good job sl7
  11. Your personal moment of glory

    i got 2 glory's that i pked trop and he droped his admin cloak :> and pked radu in kf whene he didnt had his ubber 504/504 stats
  12. First guild

    Cheats Cheats btw piper we need lvl 40 for making a guild you are lvl 39 so its CHEATS btw just do #guild_info *co* *Cough Cough*
  13. Corpus Opis

    btw moon aepox got some new hits from the spicegirls ! ! ! Help us to kill Aepox and his stupid SPICEGIRLS !
  14. Corpus Opis

    Mooner ! ! ! wb wb wb :>
  15. Corpus Opis

    Crus i got 2 pills. "Left hand is the Red pill" "Right hand is the Blue pill" with one you take
  16. PKers on PK server

    lol mango thats mine song ! ! Dont Do Drugs !! btw this is the same as on the main server Search Kill and Destroy !
  17. Corpus Opis

    Aepox we still need to cyber maby he will show you how it works
  18. Corpus Opis

    add Mussie to hes mine right hand
  19. PK server started!

    i hope it start next day already becourse i got holliday so full time for gaming
  20. PK server started!

    btw radu whene will the server goes online for the real stats becourse i like to play and start lvling all skills
  21. Exp after cap?

    + for all rounders its good to get more OA exp so we can use more thene 1 skill for training
  22. Straw Poll II

    some citys need to be unpked to becourse some peeps can just wait @ the dock and pwn
  23. Perks

    just remove all neg perks like ANTI perk sucks now becourse where are allowed to multie play
  24. Corpus Opis

    haha yeah it roxs so hard btw pox i love the bunny part
  25. Nexus Removal Stones

    dont remove the stones some times it can be handy