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  1. KillBot Arena Event

    lol Prohibited corpus will kill ya in 1 hit and if you wear all super gear togeter he will do it in 2 hits
  2. The Greatest EL Player

    mikeh ! you still playing ? or just reading the forum ?
  3. KillBot Arena Event

    yeah corpus is pure ownage
  4. The Greatest EL Player

    i voted for crus becourse i dont vote for my self
  5. The Greatest EL Player

    *cough* Ent made some rules for me like the 10 sec rule for pking.
  6. Selling.

    lol Batman ! Wait till he found Joker
  7. Dekke aka Macca

    please close and delete this topic....
  8. there arnt that much stones so lets wait first. so i can build a pro char
  9. Corpus Opis

    jasonx is a old co member
  10. First summoned fluff \o/

    whehe nice good job sl7
  11. Your personal moment of glory

    i got 2 glory's that i pked trop and he droped his admin cloak :> and pked radu in kf whene he didnt had his ubber 504/504 stats
  12. First guild

    Cheats Cheats btw piper we need lvl 40 for making a guild you are lvl 39 so its CHEATS btw just do #guild_info *co* *Cough Cough*
  13. Corpus Opis

    btw moon aepox got some new hits from the spicegirls ! ! ! Help us to kill Aepox and his stupid SPICEGIRLS !
  14. Corpus Opis

    Mooner ! ! ! wb wb wb :>
  15. Corpus Opis

    Crus i got 2 pills. "Left hand is the Red pill" "Right hand is the Blue pill" with one you take