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  1. what do you thnk?

    for your first try i'd say thats pretty good.
  2. Whitelist

    Please respond to my poll
  3. Ban problems

    Sry it jsut seemed like a pretty stupid questiona nd yes i did press a button.
  4. Ban problems

    ok this game is fun but i'm startign to think it's nt worth going through all this trouble to play it
  5. Ban problems

    exactly how stupid do you think i am yes i pressed a key!!!! :angry2: anyhow i got the part where you type you name ect then when i clikc the login button it doesn't go in.
  6. Ban problems

    It says: your entire isp or ip range ahs been banned. If you want to play the game, you will need your character name to be put on the WHITELIST, which means that you have to go to our forums (see link onw ebsite) and check the whitelist thread in the ban section.
  7. Ban problems

    ok one sec i have to restart the game.
  8. Ban problems

    ya but that was like 2 weeks ago... i have been getting my name added to the whitelist every day all week and the next day i always ahve to d it again.
  9. Ban problems

    Ok it says i'm banne still but i'm on the whitelist and everything. Does ANYBODY know whats wrong if so plz respond.
  10. Black listed ISPs list

    OK not fair my ip is banned and there nothing i can do about it because i'm on the white list and i haven't done anything wrong!