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    Three words...eat...sleep...swim...
  1. My chemical romance

    AHAA!! there is no band that evryone can agree on.... ...So the best band is your favortie band i guess
  2. Packet overrun

    I have Mcafee, do you think it has something to do with it?
  3. Buying Flowers

    Are you still buying red roses and snapdragons? cause i have around 5k of both of them if you want to buy. Just message me in the forums.
  4. Selling + Buying

    Ill buy the iron plate, and the iron helm thanks
  5. My chemical romance

    !!!dude thats evil!!!! they are a good band!!!
  6. Packet overrun

    Yea after it happens alot i jsut reboot the computer then it stops for a while and then starts up again....weird...
  7. My chemical romance

    "All the small things" by Blink-182 is one of my favortite songs though, any comments on blink-182?
  8. Packet overrun

    About every 4 or so minutes i get a message in red that says: "Packet overrun...data lost! Disconnected from server!" NOTE: i know aislinn told me once but i forgot what she said cause then it closed
  9. Selling 1k fire essences!

    I am selling 1k fire essences for 4gc each. Reply, message, post, or pm me to buy.
  10. Selling FE's and Sulphur

    <_< Ok anymore buyers?
  11. How do you make EFE's?

    ok thanks guys, and also... ...How much do they usually sell for? 5k? 6k? whats the amount most people will buy for?
  12. Help Please

    By the way.... ....How often are invasions? I'm just wondering, i just want to know when the next one is... IM PUMPED!!!
  13. War's Bars

    Yea i have a ton of sulphur also. around 1500
  14. List of Trade Bots

    IS there any bot that buys sulphur?
  15. buying books

    yep they attack. i was wondering around there trying to find the bookseller and on took away 45 hit points very quickly