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  1. hey guyz i need help ASAP [SOLVED]

    Well the game has changed, so then you need to re-download it
  2. Forum PMs / Send box

    When you are sending the message, you have to hit the box that says 'add this item to my sent mail folder' otherwise it won't put it there in order to save space
  3. Thermal serp - Helmet of life

    That'll be Doctor.. Though not the real one, someone else on his character... It wasn't real Doctor in the first place..? Why did someone else have your PassWord too..? wp doc.. wp gg! I don't know Woodeh, care to share how you hacked my account and phax's?
  4. Thermal serp - Helmet of life

    That'll be Doctor.. Though not the real one, someone else on his character...
  5. The cooldowns decision

    Summoning is deffidently hit the hardest. Think about it, you need 3 SR per bear to summon, that means you can only summon one every minute or so, at that rate it takes about 6 hours straight to level
  6. Random days

    Oh, you mean force everyone to sign off just before the hour?
  7. Why was raven moved

    teh master harvester
  8. snow day!

    I guess same
  9. Macintosh OS X port interest?

    I don't have 10.4.x, but could it do a player/bot count and or indicate if any of specified list of people are online? OK as of now I have online buddies, players online, any other ideas are apreciated
  10. Macintosh OS X port interest?

    Well, more specifically, TheDoctor is testing out the software. He is the first guinea pig. Although, since I do not have 10.4, that widget thing is all his doing. Yea 0ctane is really the programmer I don't really know that much about osx programming
  11. Why was raven moved

    Portland storage really isn't that far from WSC blacksmith...especially if you use ringz
  12. High is recruiting

    Helga is sexy...does Lady have real life guild meetings?
  13. snow day!

    Its post #1293 but she must have taken it down :/
  14. Macintosh OS X port interest?

    Greetings, 0ctane and I are finishing programming the client, he's doing most of the work I'm just doing a few small things and testing it. I have decided to make a dashboard widget to go with the client as well, however as of now I really don't have any ideas to put in it. Any OS X users that will be using the client please post ideas...
  15. Helm of Life

    OK then I guess you are the only smart player in EL Mind ALL HAIL MR.MIND HE IS A 'SMART PLAYER'!!!