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  1. martiniuos banned

    Hi, yearly check what changed in EL... Is there a chance to get martiniuos back? It's about 3 years ago that the char got locked. Regards, Martiniuos
  2. martiniuos banned

    lol, finaly you got me xD congrats and not all of my chars are banned... but why it takes so long to find out? and thanks for the info regards Martiniuos
  3. martiniuos banned

    What do you mean by "they know who you are"? its my char, that i created back in 200? When i created the char there was snow on Isla Prima xD I never sold any char.
  4. martiniuos banned

    Still no answer? what's up to you mods? are you all away from this game? greets martiniuos
  5. martiniuos banned

    Hi there, no mods out there? Or did I something wrong in my first post? Glad to see an answer... regards martiniuos
  6. martiniuos banned

    Hi there, why got martiniuos banned? And is there a posibility to get the char back? regards martiniuos