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  1. Fenduriel - almost 2 years.

    Hi, Fenduriel here. It has been almost two years since i was banned, specifically 1 year, 237 days. I was banned for MACRO ( mixing he's i think). I was just wondering, is it possible to unbann me after this time? I rly got used to this name and id like to play my old char. Cheers
  2. Banned for macro.

    It's christmas, time of forgiveness Maybe this is the right time to unblock old bad Fenduriel
  3. Banned for macro.

    Hi, it's been one month since my bad behavior in the game. According to the rules i didn't moaned about unbann, so i wonder how my case look now for You?
  4. Banned for macro.

    I am not surprised. I did this, because it was like 10k he's left and i wanted to make my life easier in the end of mixing. I had exam today so i couldnt mix all night long so i tried this macro program. Curiosity, lack of time and my stupidity - that's why i broke the rule of macroing. I know im guilty, trying to ask for forgiveness.
  5. Banned for macro.

    Hi, my name (ingame) is Fenduriel. I was banned last night by Aislinn for macroing. It's first time of me getting ban like this ( i was banned for several things when i was a kid like 6-7 years ago ). I know it is against the rules. I am really truly sorry for what i did. The reason of breaking the rules is my curiosity. I found some articles on unoff EL site about this and wanted to see if it actually works. Well - it worked and bang - i got banned. I mixed like 5-6 k of he by this program, dont know how much exactly. I mixed like 100k fe by my own hand ( 2 mouses died because of this ^ ^ ) before doing this. I understand if You will not unban me ( ip banned too ). I know EL till 2004 and i always come back for more or less breaks. I have finally made my own bank account to make my own p2p char.. My bad, i know - that was against the rules, i wont do this again (i put too much work before to lost everything for stupid macro ). If You can trust me and unban my char i will do everything to gain my reputation back. It was a stupid mistake after 2 months of working on this char, so if u let me back to the game, i would be very grateful. Fenduriel.
  6. Hi, i am selling : Titanium Set without helm and shield - 140k gc Steel Set without helm and shield - 100k gc Crown of Life - 60k gc cheers, Fenduriel
  7. A challange to everyone!

    It's me again Enjoy! Fenduriel
  8. 10 EFE

    50k Fenduriel
  9. 100k Fe Auction

    Hi, i am selling 100k Fire Essence in this auction Starting price: 300k gc. Buy it now price : 350k gc. Auction will end in 8 July. Pm Fenduriel in game. Good luck Sold to EvilJoe for 350k gc. Congratz!
  10. A challange to everyone!

    I made this one today : http://youtube.com/watch?v=Mc9aYThl6jY# Fenduriel
  11. Old/New Bartek

    Hi, i made another topic because nobody understood me Anyway... my english is very poor. Now i try to tell what happened. I have ip ban (btw i didn't do anything bad ) But my char - Bartek_14 was in white list. I changed my name to Fenduriel. I think this name must be in the white list if i wanna play EL. Old name - Bartek_14 New name - Fenduriel Thx, Bartek
  12. Bartek_14 (ip banned)

    Hey. I am waiting long time and nobody.... NOBODY answer me :/ Why? My ip is banned forever? Plz just answer my post. I even don't know what is the chance my ip can be unbanned.
  13. Bartek_14 (ip banned)

    Can anybody answer me plz?
  14. Bartek_14 (ip banned)

    Hey! It's me again But this time i am not baned or locked. I learned something and i changed pass. I was not give up and i play this game . But something is bad. My ip is banned. Long time ago , when i was newbie ( i am still newbie) i played EL. Something go wrong because in my chat log was red message and i can't played EL. I was thought wat's happen. Then i go to my bro. He played near on his own computer. We played at the same time. We had the same ip, because we have homenet . But someone off mods thought i play 2 chars on 1 computer and he baned my ip After that i can't do char's , log to test server ... Some day i meet ppl who played on the same comp. I abuse this , because i thought this is breaking rules. But... mod told me this is not breaking rules since somebody don't break rules ( sry for English ) Then i ask YOU. I broke rules? How? I just played at home net! Ok. now plz unban my ip. I need this. Can i play normal like other ppl? Can You Entropy, or someone off mods can unbann my ip? If it is possible plz do this. But if not, put my alternative char sznikers_polska . I need secound char . Ok thx for time to read my long post
  15. hope

    Hey it's me again I am thinkink of all my story with el. I don't give up. i trying play another online mmorpg but eternal lands is better. I must play el. This is true, my char bartek_14 will be never unlocked? I will never play eternal lands again? or i will play but for 2 years? Plz answer me....