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  1. Can anyone Explain

    I would like to know what would be recommended level of magic and rationality to have a good harm on Red,Black and Ice dragons for Example:) Ty Lol made wrong headline :/
  2. I Cant Dance Removal

    Selling I cant Dance Removal for 55kgc Pm here or Ingame veiks101
  3. 70k bones - Auction!

  4. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

  5. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

  6. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

  7. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

    so my 36k is still winning?
  8. Auction: ICD Removal Stone

  9. EFE's Sale

    Selling 20 EFE's for 160kgc! SOLD Also Selling 3 Steel Cuisses 28kgc each! Ingame veiks101
  10. EFE's Sale

    Only Cuisses left.
  11. Alchemy Shop: Oh my God again?

    2x5k WE's 55k
  12. Alot Gold for Sale

    As Title says: 70,000 Gold Ore for SALE Price 2,5gc Each Only! Pm ingame or Post here veiks101
  13. Alot Gold for Sale

    guys guys plx empty my gold storage
  14. Wannabe a real Reaper?!

    I have a Scythe up for grab! Price is 190kgc PM me ingame or just post here veiks101
  15. Wannabe a real Reaper?!

    great sold
  16. 80-100 Instance

    i would join.
  17. Auctioning 2 items

    lol if i would be neavss i would let it better poof than sell 15k and i did replaied cause neass is my good guild mate and we dont need noob offers ty!
  18. Auctioning 2 items

    Silvatica if i see ur BUY prices then i definitely see them all too cheap, so go find another fish
  19. Eesti | Estonia

    Tsau Hellocat Nagu näha on sinunäol tegemist värkse verega?
  20. Two Scythe's for sale!

  21. Selling specials

    630k for osmn
  22. Selling specials

    620k for osmn
  23. LEs

    Selling 100k of Life Ess 450kgc PM me in forums
  24. santa hat

    popeye wanna go spamm somewhere esle...im tired to read ur crap! And i think some others have same tought!
  25. Can anyone Explain

    never tought about taking dragon on instance im not even 100 a/d