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  1. Unban IP-Range

    Hi, the IP Range - is baned for over a year now. Don't you unban the IP's after some time? Regards, Artem
  2. C# EL-Bot source released

    No, sorry, the server was just offline for a while due to a hard disk crash.
  3. Hi, here are my bots: Bot name: Carolina Owner: Artem Any other contacts: Beer guild, Labrat Purpose of this bot: Trade inv #inv wanted #wanted loc #loc help #help about #about Bot name: Anna Owner: Artem Any other contacts: Beer guild, Labrat Purpose of this bot: Trade inv #inv wanted #wanted loc #loc help #help about #about Bot name: Speaker Owner: Artem Any other contacts: Beer guild, Labrat Purpose of this bot: Private guild internal commands only Thx, Artem
  4. IP banned

    Hallo, please unban the IP and the IP-Range ( - behind it. Greetings, Artem
  5. C# EL-Bot source released

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the source was completely rewritten. It is much cleaner as the old one. And LabRat joined the developers team. So a few new things are written by him. Maybe I will release a zip package with the source and also compiled binaries soon. Just need to adapt a few things from Labrats Code to the SVN....
  6. Trade bot coding

    Check out Post #4 on http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28620
  7. Trade bot coding

    Hi, you can also take a look in: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=28620 I have released my bot software under GPL. You are free to use and to modify it.
  8. Bot SPAM

    Hi, at first: sorry, I haven't read the entire thread. I'm to sleepy now. I will do it tomorrow. And now the main part: What do you thing of a central assignment of time slots to the bots, based on the EL time. The bots will be only allowed to post on #jc 3 in their assigned minute. We could use a section of the protocol wiki to asign time slots and every bot owner could setup his timeslot by himself. So we could make sure that two bots will not send in the same minute and would also keep track of the bots and the bot owners...
  9. bot owners...

    Hi, A private forum section would not disturb anybody. So why not just create one. But the main bot discussions should be continued in the old bot forum. There are a lot of good tips and hints for ppl, that want to start their own bot or just giving hints what other bot owners could implement. Ah, yes, I am the owner of Anna, Carolina and Speaker. Anna and Carolina are trade bots and speaker will get a community bot later. Just don't have the time to finish the development...
  10. Bot Owners Unite

    Hello, I have started mirroring the new TXT file. Please use the link: http://www.makhutov.org/el/mirror/online_players.txt I will stop mirroring the old file at 01.10.2006 20.00 UTC. So please update your bots. UPDATE: I am allowed to mirror the file every 2 minutes. UPDATE #2: The file is updated every 2 minutes now.
  11. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Great work! I will contribute to the Wiki too.
  12. Bot Owners Unite

    Hi, so, the server is up and running again. A RAM Module has failed and was exchanged. Ah and I forgot: My server is syncing only every 5 minutes to the el-website.
  13. Bot Owners Unite

    Hi, my Server is down to a hardware mailfunction. Please use an other server for that time. The Problem will be fixed tomorrow by my ISP.
  14. C# EL-Bot source released

    You have to install a mysql database server, fill the database with the both in the bot source .sql files and edit the config file
  15. C# EL-Bot source released

    If you are using windows: Download TortoiseSVN from: http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/ install it and restart your pc then create an empty folder -> right click on that folder --> SVN Checkout and enter the url that I have posted above.