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  1. So are we (the summoners) happy now?

    I don't think you should have nexus to use an object in your inventory. *thinks hard* ..... Why doesn't casting a magic spell require magic nexus ???
  2. Godly radu

    Is that Donald Sutherland standing next to Nidan?
  3. Day Ideas

    HEH! I had this idea today and wanted to post it. Good thing I read this page first! Great idea Blodoks!
  4. Magic Termite Shield

    maybe they can also be used as Termite Magic Wooden Staff ?
  5. Branch

    With leather armor a LOT of ppl wouldnt last half a minute in a PK map.
  6. Update changes

    And making thread is as easy as making FE. You can hit "mix" while mapwalking. That way you don't "lose" any time sitting around. Great update
  7. Branch

    Yesterday's No drop Day: I'm NOT a PKer. Haven't been in KF since I was a newbie So Yesterday I put on some gear, grabbed a steel axe and a tit long and decided to go to the Tahraji desert. It was empty!!!!!! My guildies told me in GM to come to KF, that's where all the action was. I entered through DP. I didn't even last half a minute inside before dieing. The entrance was soooo crowded!!! I decided to return once I got out of the Underworld. This time I would enter through VotD. Same story: short fight, dieing. Then I was feeling DOWNNNN!!! No more PK maps for me. I decided to check out monstermaps to find out if I could kill "high level" monsters. My lvls are pretty low and I never killed anything stronger as Phantom Warrior and Armed Gob. Thanks to this wonderful #DAY found out I can kill (in gear and with weapon): Trolls, Fem Orcs, Unarmed male Orcs, Male Ogres and the very occasional Armed male Orc (though they tend to kill me if I fail restore) THIS WAS FUN !!!!!!!!!! I'll surely be returning to SKF and the Naralik Cats SOON !!!
  8. More Spawns

    Forget what I said about the Phantom Warriors. I found out that a map I hadn't visitied in a LONG time now has several of them !!!!
  9. Preload the update

    Thankx CyvloonX. I also can't acces the rivanwarriors' site !!
  10. More Spawns

    I never saw one on C2. But, C2 is big full of dangerous maps. And I'm not a strong player so I don't go into those maps to get attacked and killed!!
  11. More Spawns

    I'd like to see more Phantom Warriors in a fixed location, like the one in the PL titmine. I mean, roaming all over MM to hunt 3 Warriors (or Naralik for 1 Warrior) is a lot of walking around.
  12. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Nice update. I can't wait to get home and start up EL !!!!!!!!!!
  13. I only have a problem with "you cant reach....." when trying to click on a very crowded storage NPC !!!!
  14. Thanks

    Thanks guys and girls! Very much appreciated!
  15. Flower/Economy Problem

    But the game IS divided into easy and hard. Easy: safe maps Hard: dangerous maps and pk maps Also: untill reading this thread I never knew there were special mney trees that harvest quicker (and I'm playing since last fall) !!!!