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  1. Cant do anything

    The mouse bug fix worked for my laptop, but i still cannot play on my desktop. I tried renaming shaders, but didnt make a difference. I can now play the game, which is good, however i really hate playing it on my laptop.
  2. Cant do anything

    I too have this problem. I have reinstalled the client numerous times too... I used to play EL a ton, then went on an inactive period monthes ago, and now i come back to find new version of game, which is great, but i download new client, installed over old directory, in a new directory, even deleted the old directory and put a new one in place, and i get some problem. I have done this on my winXP desktop, and my Vista laptop. On my winXP, the game loads up to the dll, etc...screen, then says connecting to server...., then says Eternal Lands Client has encountered a problem and needs to close....etc...send error report and what not.... On my Vista i get the problem as listed above. I can walk, but cant interact with npcs, attack, or do anything else. It pains me greatly because i miss this great game and would like to return. If there is anything i can do to the .ini to maybe correct the problem, please tell me. Eternal Lands Client Error signature ------------------- AppName: el.exe AppVer: ModName: nvoglnt.dll ModVer: Offset: 00179d18 I don't know if that will help, but if there is anything i can provide to help I am more than willing.
  3. Which candidate is the best match for you?

    No fans of mike huckabee? My vote would most likely go to him since i like his pro-constitution attitude and was against bills and laws that got passed that didn't even abide by the constitution. Patriot Act....not consitutional... To much news glam about hillary...obama doesnt support the flag...so could he lead a country he does not support?...Rudy Guiliani...9/11..9/11...he is living in the past...every debate he is in he gives more stupid statements and arguements than every stupid and/or redundant statement George Bush Jr. has said in his 2 terms of presidency.
  4. Server Crash Again?

    I thought I was gonna be able to play tonight Stupid tv distracting me and now this OO! Its back up!
  5. Skeptic Perk

    The game is always changing which makes a decision that cannot be removed or changed without a huge penalty a very risky move. I'm a risk taker, but this is not something I wish to gamble just yet. I don't believe I will be taking the perk anytime soon because "I'm afraid to (due to unknown future changes)."
  6. I think I was banned

    My post made a good point and was a relevant arguement for gnr_bt, the statement i made was on his behalf, so why should it be deleted?
  7. Comcast/Internet

    We all know recently of a few flaws in companies or systems, such as the router being down, supposedly, or whatever happend to that thing. While doing some research today I stumbled on this...and after reading this, I began to wonder was it a flaw in the router, or someone's error in trying to smeg some people over... http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/ustechnologyin...biZp6O1uXLq188F
  8. Server down or my internet?

    Games back, WOOT, thanks to piper, and thanks to those who thanked me for the idea...
  9. Server down or my internet?

    Any chance of using a proxy server to create an alternate route to the EL server? I have had a few classes in cisco networking but its all a little foggy for me, but if we can create a temporary alternate route we can all play the game we love while the problem is being solved. Of course im sure the proxy would not help everyone, but im sure a few ppl could benefit from it. If this is possible, does anyone know any proxy locations that would enable us to go around the faulty router? Im in TX
  10. More health?

    I agree with ttl, just multiply their health by the same factor, it would be great that way, maybe even make those battles a bit tactical(specially against bears and such in teh 100s )
  11. More health?

    noobs arent gonna be dueling....unless there...well..."noobs" so the newbies wont benefit from the pvp tactical factor nor longevity, however, the change of attack and defense of low level animals such as rats, beavers, deer, etc coudl be less dramatic as those put on monsters, so that the lower levels could last and not die in a sad battle. It woudl be balanced that way, giving both the lvl 60 and the lvl 16 a challenge, and not having a beaver commit over kill on the 16. Alter low-level mosters less than ya do the stronger ones. Im warming up to the idea, but still would prefer no change. I know yall will add this anyway, so keep that in mind when testing with the damage and such.
  12. More health?

    I say keep it the way it is, multiplying everyones health by 1.5 is another way of making our veteran players more powerful and the newbies weaker. Then theres the task of getting the monsters attack and defense levels or amount determined, frankly, im tired of the updates, each one hinders us more and more. How can this make pvp more tactical when ya hindered us with cooldowns? I understand the cooldown on rings, but on food and select potions...CMON! Just gettin pathetic. The game was enjoyable at one point, now with each "addition" it becomes more and more of something unattractable. If ya add this multiplier, alter the defense of the monster maybe, but not the attack. To make it easier...just dont add it at all. <_<
  13. Random days

    Good Idea, no GREAT IDEA!...cept the day of fasting seems a bit harsh..maybe makin u lose more than 1 food point per minute or no eating during 6 hours like an actual fast(no eating during daytime) would be better. But Good idea!
  14. Map/animation?

    Before the update, i was able to see my position on the map when i pressed map button or hit tab, but after gettin new version the X no longer appears on my map to show me my current location or my destination, and it does this for all maps. Is there a way to fix this?
  15. To know or not to know.

    I am Sepultura, a human alchemist i guess you could say, since thats my highest skill, who is tryin to get back up the ladder after reseting Yup.