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  1. im sry

    Im sry, i havent been on in a while can anyone fill me in on the new stuffs in the last month/month and a half?
  2. 2 questions here...

    ok the first one is about the mmo screenshot contest in announcements.... it says take pics of boss monsters but i havent heard of any boss monsters in el, are there? and 2nd, where do u get skull and skeleton keys? ty in advance ~ShadowMaster~ <( ^.^ )>
  3. Download for update available

    When is the update??? u said tomorrow, and its tomorrow PLZ TELL ME ITS SOON
  4. Lord of the flies day

    i like the idea but what about all those poor weak players that would love to join in the fun but cant? how about all the a+d=120 are pkable and the ones that dont meet that requirement can choose to be pkable (but only players with like a/d can attack each other like w/in 10 lvls of each)
  5. Selling Iron Broad Sword Of Fire

    Yep no more sword he bought it
  6. Separating EXP gain from Item creation

    Yea how about the npc tht gave you the stuff to make the items pays you (not much but some ok gc) for making the items for him
  7. Selling Iron Broad Sword Of Fire

    Currently selling a brand new IBSOF, post your offer, and ingame name here and whoever bids highest gets it, this offer will last for about a week or less.
  8. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    where the heck did the poll go....
  9. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    It seems as though both sides of this arguement are equal, about half of the people want the cooldowns and the other half doesn't. I stick with my idea of making times where cooldowns ( and the items that come with them good or bad) are active like at night or every other day and non cooldowns ( and the items that we would get if the cooldowns are gotten rid of) are active at day or every other night. Then everyone gets what they want and there wont be threads of people bitching about the decision that was made. It makes everyone happy....
  10. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    I say no but what would make the game more interesting is making different times with cooldowns and others without(like day and night), (and u can only use the special items during the allotted time)
  11. bonsai kittens

    ok im really hoping this is fake because even the idea of it is just plain SICK, and if people were actually doing this it would be animal cuelty (at least in the us)
  12. Selling ISOF

  13. LEGEAL?!?!?!

    I have a qustion, is it at all legal to have someone else play for you and gain levels?