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  1. Interesting, but you forgot to give OS/hardware details. Granted, this extra info might not be relevant, but you never know.

    When you type #sto from the console in EL, what does it say?

    Almost sounds like a server sync/lag issue. So, for purposes of illustration, lets say you move 20 red roses, 20 red quartz, and then attempt to move 20 snap dragons but get this problem. If you move those same quantities back into inventory and attempt the whole process again, does it immediately happen?

  2. Would it not be better just to exit the draw_particle_buffer() function if particle_count is less than 1? In any case, is someone committing the fix?

    I pushed a commit that does just this (in eye_candy.cpp). Hopefully it pushed correctly. Xcode was giving me grief about the push, so I did it from the command line. Also tried to update some project files.

  3. Did you download the game from my website or somewhere else? I am just wondering if you have the correct build for your system.

    Well what exactly is your website?


    I downloaded it directly from Eternal Lands website...

    Nevermind. Looks like I need to make a new build. Been away from EL for a bit it seems.

  4. Do you send an additional server flag to say that it is a chat client and not an in game entity (to avoid someone just standing around)?


    No, afaik there is no such flag to send? Your character will always just stand there like all others.

    Okay. I figured as much, but I was just wondering. I have not tested chat client yet, but might want to put in a warning about remembering where you were last (ie don't use if you were last in a PK arena).

  5. Sorry for the delayed response.


    The most reliable place to get graphics drivers is straight from Apple via the normal System Update path. TBH, I was surprised to see mac drivers even listed at Nvidia's website.


    I find your forum name interesting. What kind of Mac are you using? How much memory is in your computer? What version OS are you running?

  6. I am currently fighting with the latest Xcode 4 and Git.

    I am getting errors from image_loading.c without NEW_TEXTURES defined. Too many arguments to function call, expected 3, have 6. This is for load_dds in image_loading.c. Since I am not yet familiar enough with Git (need to setup as developer access), can someone commit a change that wraps image_loading.c with NEW_TEXTURES defines? I have to remove the file from my project (Target) for a proper build right now.


    I seem to get a good build with NEW_TEXTURES defined. Need to do testing.

  7. I am encountering the load_dds problem (Mac OS X 10.6, XCode 4 GM, LLVM GCC4.2).


    image_loading.c:407: error: too many arguments to function 'load_dds'

    image_loading.c: error: Semantic Issue: Too many arguments to function call, expected 4, have 7


    Of course, I cannot get a build without NEW_TEXTURES either. Same error as above. Odd.


    Since I am able to build client (with or w/out NEW_TEXTURES) on a 10.5 system using Xcode 3.2 and GCC4.0, this seems to be a compiler/IDE specific problem. Perhaps compiler is being picky about #includes.

  8. For anyone that is attempting to compile the client, be warned that from what I hear the XCode 4 Gold Master IDE no longer includes CVS versioning support. You will need to use the terminal to execute cvs commands or use a different CVS GUI client. EL is hosted on berlios.de and uses CVS.

  9. If you live in the San Francisco area, or will be there this week, I have some free expo passes that I can hand out, courtesy of Shedworx. Just send me a forum PM. The MacWorld Expo is from January 27-29, 2011. Limited number of free passes, so, first come first served.

  10. This does not work for me! Can anyone help me find or already knows an ALTERNATE SOLUTION to this CRASH on Mac.???

    I think, i have seen you in game already.


    So your problem is solved?


    Dare to tell us your solution, so others can solve their problems too?



    If you have not solved the problem (or searched the forums for the answer)...

    All configuration files are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands, probably under the "main" directory. Note that this "Library" is in your home directory, and it is not the system Library. There you will find the el.ini file. Edit it to change the #use_animation_program parameter.